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A Most Crowded 5th District

The race for Indiana’s 5th Congressional District could be a lot more crowded come Friday.

With incumbent Dan Burton not running for re-election and former U.S. Attorney Susan Brooks, former Congressman David McIntosh, former Marion County Coroner John McGoff and Fishers Attorney Jack Lugar in the race you would think there was no more room at the political inn.

However, Indy Politics has learned that there are very strong indications that State Senator Mike Delph is leaning towards getting in the race and Marion Mayor Wayne Seibold is also ready to declare.

When I spoke with Delph last week he said he had not made up his mind, but any decision would have to have family support.  Seibold had been mentioned as a very strong contender for Lt. Governor under Mike Pence.

The filing deadline is Friday.  So far Brooks, Lugar, McGoff and McIntosh have all filed. A candidate debate is set for February 16th in Fishers.  I will be one of the moderators.

  • Ramon

    Seems like the “word on the street” was wrong….again!

  • Think Again

    It often is.  Streets don’t speak very well.

    Meanwhile, the Democratic candidate, State Rep. Scott Reske, is plugging along, not that Abdul wuld ever notice.  It’s an uphill fight, to be sure, in the nation’s most-Republican CD.  But stranger things have happened, and Reske crurently represents ab out 55% of the district, and he won Republican votes easily.  He’s an Iraqi combat veteran and a solid guy.  

    Solid as in, the opposite of the incumbent Congressman.

  • Pascal

    I like Senator Delph just where he is.  I don’t know why he takes on the hard projects or the ones politically out of favor with duh media but he does provide needed leadership to the Senate.  

  • Pascal

    The bootlicking D’s are out of business, never to return.  Reske might be the sort of D which will emerge from the wreckage of the POS D’s.  

  • Think Again

    Uh, if you think that’s leadership, ask his Senate colleagues.  If they’r ehonest, you won’t get very favorable responses.  He’s a joke.

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    This is not look like a district office. It is like a court room because of too much crowd here. 

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