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Union Threat or Promise?

I was already to scribble down a thought or two tonight about the latest on the walkout (TRO issued on fines, whether Dems will be back next week, Super Bowl protests, etc).  And then this came across my laptop.  Enjoy…

Call it a threat or promise.  A letter sent out by the IBEW #725 in Terre Haute to some southwestern Indiana charities and other not-for-profit organizations is asking them to either write letters to Indiana lawmakers in opposition to “right to work” legislation over never ask again for donations, sponsorships, or services from the union hall.

In the letter dated on January 13, IBEW #725 Business Manager R. Todd Thacker asks receipients to write letters to members of the Indiana House and Senate to reject the bill because it would lower the wages of both union and non-union workers.  However the letter also states…

If you feel you cannot send a support letter because you have a philosophical difference, please send me a letter explaining why.  Unlike legislators trying to push this bill through we want to hear everyone’s opinion on Right to Work for Less, as we have found a majority of Indiana workers and Indiana legislators do not understand the bill.

If you feel you cannot do this because you have a philosophical difference, please refrain from requesting any future donations, sponsorships, or services from the union hall as we will have limited funds to pass on to our community.  Please do not perceive this as a threat, it is just the prudent thing to do with our member’s money.

The letter requests a response by this week.  You can read the full text of the letter here.  It is saved in Slideshare which may be incompatible with some Apple products.

  • IBEW’s Tallywhacker

    Upon what “philosophical” basis did the IBEW provide donations, sponsorships or services?

  • Pascal

    Rep Tiny Adams used to have a make work do nothing job with his local United Way that paid something like $60,000 a year which the thugs skimmed off the top of that charity.  The concept of make work do nothing jobs is not confined to the Indiana Legislature where more than a few PSOS (plural) have  comfortable do nothing jobs.  The thuggery of unions needs to end, especially where they are robbing from charities.

  • Pascal

    It would be an interesting exercise to scout around Indiana’s various United Way to see if union parasites had also done to the public what they did with Tiny Adams.  Siccing legislators on to the public pap seems also to be bi partisan and whacking  them back to the private sector would make for better laws, in my view.

  • IBEW’s Tallywhacker

    The “united way” is reportedly one of pressure to “give” or “associate.” Does that sound familiar?      

  • cynical sam

    I’m surprised the letter did not read as follows:

    “If you feel you cannot send a support letter because you have a philosophical difference, than please include your home address.”

  • Outstater

    NFPs are not to play politics at risk of losing their NFP status with the IRS. 

  • indyernie

    Did someone hogtie TA? He hasn’t piped in as yet.

  • IBEW’s Tallywhacker

    NFP’s have sold out or compromised status by virtue their taxpayer dependency gigs.    

  • Anonymous

    Sure sounds like a threat! 

    -I’m actually surprised they didn’t mention that if you fail to respond according to their view, you may find cement overshoes to wear in Lake Michigan.

  • Randy Moodispaugh

    Maybe he is busy mailing out the Union Letters? lol

  • Think Again

    Here I am.  Kinda shocked at the sheer balls.  

  • Think Again

    Would that be like former Senate President Bob Garton’s do-nothing job for 22 years at Ivy Tech?  Or other Republicans’ similar jobs?  The Indiana Legislature has elevated do-nothing jobs to an art form.  It’s a bipartisan whore job.  When I complain about it, I’m told “this is what you get with a part-time legislature.” No, this is what you get when you have sloppy public officials’ ethics and reporting requirements.  Indiana is one of kthe wors tin America.

  • Indyernie

    I was a little worried about ya, glad to see that you are OK.

  • Pascal

    More than a few would include Garton and the former Speaker.

  • Think Again

    I admire their chutzpah.  Donations are often-sought, and the donor has every right to police their giving practices and recipients’ public stance on a key issue like this.

    That goes for all views, all the way around.  For example:

    Do you think for a minute that the Chamber would donate money to an entity whose CEO was rabidly against their legislative agenda, much less a Page-One issue like RTW?  Hell no they wouldn’t, and they don’t.  

    The unions (I believe rightfully) think this issue is a generational hallmark.  They’re all-in.  I understand.

    If there’s an error here, it’s in execution, not message.  It should never have been put on paper.  Because on paper, it looks kinda thuggish.

    Which plays right into some oft-repeated myths about union behavior.

  • Abdul

    If unions were smart, which is an oxymoron in itself, they would have requested letters of support and left it at that.  Then they should have said if you send a copy, please let us know so we can keep it for our records.  And then dish out the cash accordingly.  But no one ever accused these guys of being great thinkers. 

  • Scooter

    Another consideration;

    Unions are worried about money this calendar year, or the lack of it.  

    Ohio’s RTW fight took millions out their bank accounts, and CWA & IBEW are looking at a nationwide fight starting in April as the labor contracts expire with AT&T… as well as it being an election year.

    There is a finite amount of $$$’s in those strike funds, and with trying to promote (purchase) certain candidates, the membership is not going to give an extra dime as many of us  are forced to pay dues or representation fees in non-RTW states.

    RTW needs to pass in Indiana, and Pat Bower and the rest of that side-show needs to stop wasting my money and time.

  • Rico

    Oft-repeated because they’re oft-witnessed. They’re only myths in your clouded view of things.