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Political Potpourri

Now that we’ve cleared the Indiana Black Expo hurdle, I can post about some other things that have been going on. So here is all the gossip, rumor and political innuendo fit to print.  Take it for what it’s worth.

  • The Decatur Township Small Claims Court has made the Wall Street Journal, and not for a very good reason.  The WSJ shows how  the Court is basically a creditor’s dream because of forum shopping.  In English that means if you’re suing someone on Marion County in Small Claims Court the rules allow you to sue basically anywhere, even if there’s no nexus between the forum and the parties.  For example, if I buy a car from you and the check bounces and you live in Washington Township and I live in Warren, you can sue for damages in Perry. Exactly.  The only exception to the rule is when it comes to landlords. And since there’s no easy way to get to the Small Claims Court in Decatur, it’s easy to sue someone who doesn’t drive and get a default judgement.  I heard about this at a candidates forum I moderated back in October of 2010 but never got around to following up on.  Thank goodness the WSJ did.
  • The City of Indianapolis has started the budget process.  Agency budgets were submitted on Friday.  Due to declining sales and income tax disbursements from the state, budget officials are trying to fill an estimated $30 million shortfall. We’ll be following this one closely to see how it pans out.
  • Former U.S. Attorney Susan Brooks is expected to announce today she is getting in the race for the 5th Congressional District against Dan Burton.  John McGoff is already in and former Congressman David McIntosh is expected to get into the race.
  • Indiana Democrats are not having the best of luck in finding someone to run against 9th District incumbent Republican Todd Young.  Former candidate for State Auditor Sam Locke announced via Twitter he was not getting in the race.  And State Representative Peggy Welsh says she’s not running either for the seat.
  • The race for Governor may be getting testy and not between the candidates, but between the Mike Pence campaign and the Statehouse media.  I’ve been hearing a lot of complaints lately from my brothers and sisters in the press about Pence’s media apparatus and how they have been doling out information.  From what I’ve been able to gather somebody better get on the ball and start healing those relationships soon.  Pence is a former broadcaster and he off all people should know that you never pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel or have access to broadcast towers.
  • Although she made the rounds at Indiana Black Expo this past weekend Democratic Mayoral candidate Melina Kennedy has a couple bumps in the road.  At a ceremony honoring outgoing State Representative Bill Crawford, Kennedy  apparently was not too thrilled that noted activist Jesse Jackson took a photo with Republican incumbent Greg Ballard and told the Mayor he wanted to work with him on some initiatives and she left in a huff.   Kennedy apparently didn’t tell anyone because when Crawford tried to acknowledge her publicly she was already gone.   In addition, Kennedy raised several eyebrows when she appeared (unscheduled) on stage at the Friday night free concert being promoted by Jeffrey Johnson of Eastern Star Church.  Johnson did not have permission from convert promoter Amp Harris to do that. In addition Kennedy staffers reportedly made several older women give up their seats in the VIP section so Kennedy could have a spot.
  • Speaking of Mayor’s race, the two major candidates have both penned pieces on education at the the University of Indianapolis’ new website Hoosier Ed.  Give it a read, I think you will agree with me that there is a stark difference between the ideas being offered by the candidates.
  • And speaking of education, hundreds of parents have signed up to get more information on Indiana’s school voucher program.  So what, you might say.  Well, the registration took place at Expo and most of them lived in the Indianapolis Public School District.  That ought to say quite a bit.

That’s all for now.  Enjoy your day.

  • Turk182

    Dan Burton is a smart guy, he talks other big name folks to run against him in the primary, and he’s the biggest fish, so he wins again, the good doctor running against him, is against all odds!
    In my opinion Burton, Lugar, and others have served well, time to  retire, and let the young Turks have a turn at the wheel.
    Overall it’s the best for the State and the Country!

    I give a standing ovation for the parents who signed up for Charter schools, a breath of fresh aire, for parents who care!

  • Think Again

    Stir, stir , sir that 25th floor stuff.  It matters not.

    (Does anything good happen in Decatur Twp.?   Just wondering).

  • Think Again

    Just curious, Abdul—after you were given the Kennedy gossip–did you call her campaign and ask for comment or affirmation?

    Because if it’s just gossip=spreading, I was at one Expo event, and the crap being discussed there, was all about the water company deal, and how lousy it is for the city, and how Violia paid-off certain folks and hired some window-dressing African-Americans at the outset, to “insulate’ them from certain complaints.

  • Wurstnitemare

    Turk, You shoud be so proud of your young Turk, Mourdock. What a nice young man.So respectful is he.

    However $400K gets you a lot of nothing when it comes to a state wide campaign

  • pascal

    So, how come we read about Indianapolis matters in the Wall Street Journal?  Did we not used to have a local newspaper?
        Anyone notice the billboard on I-69 coming into the City concerning a number we can call to find out about the New IPS? Billboards are not cheap so Super White is blowing more money for nothing?

  • cynical sam

    Welcome to my world, TA.  It is rather drab and somewhat depressing (unless you are of my politacal stripe) but it is reality based.  Best article to date on how we got here and where we may end up. Enjoy.


  • cynical sam
  • Abdul

    The Kennedy people stopped speaking to me a long time ago.  Which is sad because a couple more interesting shoes are about to drop.  Not my problem.

  • cynical sam

    Who do you think buys advertising in local fishwrap  and radio spots?

  • Nick


    Abdul doesn’t provide watchdog coverage of the Mayors office any longer, just opposition coverage.

    Who really cares about billions of dollars in taxpayer funded water, parking and development deals anyway?

    Isn’t that Fair and balanced enough for you;)

  • indyernie

    Anyone can sue anyone in any small claims court in Marion County unless real estate is involved.Isn’t this typical of the democrats? They force old folks to give up their seats so those in control can sit. This reminds me of when southern DEMOCRATS forced folks to the back of the bus. Some things never change.

  • Nick

    Don’t expect Melina to say anything either about the Water, Parking, Pacer, Colts, ICVA, etc.. deals since the people behind these deals pay both sides to play along.

    That’s what you get without a vigorous & unbiased 4th branch of government (media) setting higher standards and holding people accountable.

  • cynical sam

    Don’t be so negative. We have the best justice system money can buy.  Of course, if you have no money………well, you have no justice. 

    Waiting impatiently for the collapse. 

  • Blackhero

    Is that anything like your buddy Ballard giving millions to Keystone construction to build a garage in Broad Ripple? Keystone construction  getting the best Mayor their money can buy. Same soup just warmed up.

  • Anonymous

    Competence, not tenure, should be the criteria.

  • Anonymous

    Seems your advice to Pence applies to Kennedy as well.

  • Scooter

    These ‘shoes’…. are they ‘sneakers’, or big ‘ol steel-to work boots???

  • indyernie

    What’s awarding a contract have to do with being rude and racists?

  • Think Again

    Obviously not, if you’re favoring Mourdock over Lugar.

  • Think Again

    Don’t obfuscate: I asked IF you’d called them for a comment on the rumor you heard.  If you did so, and they refused a reply, report it.  If not, report that.  
    To review:  1. Hear juicy political gossip.2. Attempt to confirm or get comment.3. Report results.

    It’s really pretty simple.  Until you consistently follow through in that manner, it’s just noise.Funny.  I didn’t think you were the type to poke, point and run.  You’ve shown such brilliant reportorial instincts many times.I’ll hold out hope.  There aren’t any other local reporters (columnists, radio hosts, etc.) working very hard at all.

  • Think Again

    Uh, the legislation which enabled that little trick, was introduced by and passed by Republicans.  It’s been so in the Senate Judiciary Committee for almost three decades.

    Don’t let facts get in your way, Ernie.  No reason to start now.

  • cynical sam

    Time to get glasses. At first glance I thought you typed nude races.  It was interesting there for a minute or two.

  • Abdul Is My Hero

    Speaking of shoes about to fall…there will be a couple falling around you in the near future…hope you are prepared. Some advice – you should pay an opposition research firm to dig in to your background so that you are prepared.

  • cynical sam

    For an interesting novel about corporate control of “city water” try The Army of the Republic by Stuart Cohen.  Not too distant future?

  • Abdul

    They have made it clear they have no desire to speak with me, so i don’t want to make liars out of them.

  • Abdul

    Feel free.  I wear a size 12.

  • Think Again

    You’re spinning out of control.

    Spreading gossip is unseemly.

    You should’ve called, and you know it.

  • Think Again



  • AbdulisAwesome

    Abdul has a few embarrassing skeletons in his closet and they will be exposed when the time is right.

  • Indyernie

    Go back and read my post…then take your foot out of your mouth.

  • Indyernie

    Anyone can sue anyone in any small claims court in Marion County unless real estate is involved.

    Isn’t this typical of the democrats? They force old folks to give up their seats so those in control can sit. This reminds me of when southern DEMOCRATS forced folks to the back of the bus. Some things never change.

    Here TA, I made it simple for you.

  • Waitingpatiently

    The pendulum never stops swinging…

  • cymical sam

    A skeleton walks into a bar and orders a beer and a mop.

  • Think Again

    Uh, once again, no, you didn’t.

    But thanks for stopping by.

    By the way, 1955 called.  They want their facts back.


  • Think Again

    Idle unfounded gossip is unseemly when Abdul does it.  And when you do it.

    Come on, this blog is usually a place for exchange of good ideas and opinions.  I don’t care about Abdul’s former girlfriends.  And I doubt he does either.

  • Abdul

    I doubt there’s anything you’ll find that Illinois State Police, the Illinois Attorney General, the Secret Service haven’t already discovered, but good luck.   And by the way, my skeletons are from Pirates of the Carribbean, they fight back.

  • Wurstnitemare

    I care about his former girlfriends..TA you got pictures?

  • Abdul

    I do!  That’s why I have a paypal account.  :-)

  • Abdul Is My Hero

    you are a little sensitive…you obviously know what I am referring too. This is going to be great.

  • Abdul

    I am sensitive but only my wife knows where.  :-)  Let’s be real, if I didn’t say anything you would say I was keeping quiet because I was hiding something.  If I say something, I’m nervous.  Whatever.  Just make sure you have the right Shabazz.  I did a Lexis-Nexis search of my name a few years ago and found I had been shot dead by Philly PD in 1998 and my family was suing for wrongful death.  Have at it.  I’m looking forward to seeing how the Marion Democrats spend their donors hard-earned money.

  • Nick


  • AbdulisAwesome

    It wasn’t MCDP. I paid for it.

  • Pauldivine3000

    Waaaaaaait a minute…you mean there is a $30 million shortfall in the City of Indianapolis budget, and Peterson raising taxes by mere percentage points was still the wrong thing to do???

  • Dave

    Right PD; taxes throughout this country are too high (actually they’re TFH).  When government consumes too much of the productive, private sector (over collects by countless schemes / “means” in too many places); it can develop a “deficit” (read hunger pang, within The Blob) in what it wants to spend /eat.