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Lugar On the Air

U.S. Senator Dick Lugar is hitting the airwaves for 10 days with an ad attacking the President on job creation.  Lugar himself has come under fire from the Club for Growth.  The nice thing about having nearly $4 million in the bank is that you can respond to such attacks.

  • Think Again

    Evan Bayh always maintained an Indiana residence.  His last one was in Canterbury Condos on the northside.  Before that, the Governor’s Residence for 8 years (unlike Mitch).  Before that, a home in M-K and his dad’s condo downtown.

    Get your facts straight before you malign someone.

    Dan Coats has officially not livedin Indiana for some time.  He fooled us last year.  I don’t yet know how.  

  • Think Again

    By what “design” ?

  • Think Again

    In 1776, about 30% of the public was literate.

    You know, kinda like IPS today.

  • Anonymous

    So trying to prevent Barry and the gang from paying off the UAW, pissing on contract law precedent, and screwing GM shareholders was senseless? Typical liberal coward!  Simply because a battle is lost doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth fighting.

    And maybe you’d believe Mourdock was smarter if read everything. Maybe he can borrow Barry’s teleprompter. 

  • Turk182

    WOW! TA, I thought you drank Kool-Aid for breakfast, I am so sorry for my thoughts!

  • Taxpayer_834512

    If our SCOTUS judges would still vote based on interpreting the Constitution, then I might still sign-up for the President-gets-to-pick hokum. 

    We seem devolved beyond statesmanship to polarized ideologies.  Therefore, I suggest we support nominess who seem to grasp the fleeting realities of economics and human behavior. 

  • pascal

    Well, Turk182, jobs were created, just not in Indiana with the UAW as partners.  Did you ever read The Little Red Hen? How is employment doing, by the way, at Indiana auto plants who have avoided the UAW?  jUST ASKIN.

  • pascal

    Your IPS % might be a lot high but your 1776 number is way low unless you are counting those people who the governments did not allow to be instructed.  American literacy has been declining ever since government schools came on the scene.