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Did They Get Permission?

A legitimate question has been asked regarding the absentee Indiana House Democrats.   If their pay is being docked because they have unexcused absences at the legislature, does that same rule apply for those who work for other units of  government?

According to the Indiana Chamber of Commerce Directory, the following State Reps hold the following positions…

Kreg Battles, chemistry teacher, local public school

Pat Bauer, IVY Tech

Bill Crawford, IVY Tech

Craig Fry, IVY Tech

Phil GiaQuitna, City of Fort Wayne (Utilities)

Terry Goodin, public school superintendent

Earl Harris, Fixed Asset manager, Administration, East Chicago Schools

Sheila Klinker, liason for education school at Purdue University

Matt Pierce, visiting professor, Indiana University

Greg Porter, Vice-President, External Affairs,Health and Hospital Corporation

Vernon Smith, professor of Education, IU Northwest

For the record, I’m an adjunct faculty member at Ivy Tech as well.  I know some lawmakers get an excused absence from work when they come to the statehouse and some forgo their pay as well.  I know House Democrats have made it clear they are not taking per diem, but I think the ones who work for other units of government might want to clarify to the taxpayers if they’re foregoing their other salaries as well since their absences from the Statehouse are unexcused.

  • Dave

    It’s the Poison Ivy League that’s failing our kids & culture, while scratching for union cash.

  • Taxpayer 834512

    Ethically, we’re talking about whether the DVDs are salvagable after the fire took out the entire living room.

    The legacy of all that served before them, the time and money devoted to assembling those that claimed they wanted to serve, and a duty to represent Indiana citizens with at least their presence, has been treated like an old diaper.

    At closer to more than a month than a week of no Indiana Legislature, we’re a bit beyond “unexcused absence”:

    Indiana House of Representatives: 317-232-9600 or 800-382-9842
    Indiana House Democrats: ihdc@iga.in.gov

  • pascal

    An old used diaper that remains in its condition of use.