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Moore Like David

Although I had some legal work to do Tuesday, I did watch the funeral for Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Officer David Moore.   Moore was killed last Sunday in while conducting a traffic stop.  Thomas Hardy has been charged in the murder.  And as I watched the funeral, one thought kept coming back to me.  This entire ordeal has been a turning point for the city.

We all know that last year was not one of IMPD’s finest;  David Bisard, Brandon Johnson, the constant back and forth between the Fraternal Order of Police and the Public Safety Director, the political opportunist organization known as the Baptist Ministers Alliance.   While crime was down overall, there was this growing perception that things were getting out of control.

However, with David Moore’s death, I think the city of Indianapolis got a wake-up call.   We got a stark reminder that police work is very dangerous business.   We learned the hard way that everyday police officers their lives on the line when they leave and go keep our streets safe.  We learned there is no such thing as a routine traffic stop.  And there are some people out there with political agendas who don’t like law enforcement.

But I think the most important thing we’ve learned following the death of Officer Moore is something we’ve known all the time.  IMPD is a lot more like  David Moore than David Bisard.   David Moore believed in serving and protecting the public; even in death he saved lives via organ donation.    The 95% of law enforcement officers in this town go to work everyday with their primary objective being to protect us from the bad guys.  As stated at Officer Moore’s funeral, “evil is the enemy”.   And there are a lot of evil people in this world.  They will shoot officers.  They will shoot each other and will have no regard for the rest of us.

There are a lot of evil people in this world.  Luckily, there are a lot of good officers, unfortunately, with the loss of David Moore, their ranks have been reduced by one.

  • On the Side of Blue

    Indeed, Indianapolis has lost a special public servant. I attended the showing on Monday, and I want everyone to know what a complete class act it was. Preperations were thought out and executed with everyone in mind. Metro busses were available to seat those who wished to stay warm as the line move from outside to inside, the Red Cross and Salvation Army were set up handing out cookies, hot coffee and hot chocolate, and on more than one occasion I saw Spencer Moore come outside and make his way thru the line of people waiting to get in and pay respects to his son. He shook each person’s hand and thanked them for coming and made sure any needs they had were being met while they waited. I thought to myself, what a truly stand up guy to do that.

    Once inside, all who came were snaked thru several rooms that were filled with pictures, videos, scrapbooks and other memorabilia that all celebrated David’s life. The actual viewing room was filled with officers from all over the country. The open casket was a surprise to me, but I have to say, that David looked very well considering the injuries he suffered at the hand of evil that fateful Sunday morning.

    The family have been an inspiration to many. With their strength and composure throughout this tragic event in their lives. It is easy to see how David became such an outstanding person & officer.

    I wil keep David, his family and the men and women of IMPD in my thoughts and prayers as each of them move forward to new challenges and new adventures. Rest in Peace David, you served your community well.

  • Think Again

    Abduo, this may be your best post ever. I watched, too…I rarely tune in to that kind of stuff, but something glued me to the tV. Then…

    On came Dr. Straub. I have been neutral regarding his tenure. In some ways, the Mayor eneded to reach outside the local market to find an impartial administrator. (As you’re no doubt awar,e I think the job of PSD should be eliminated as a wasteful bureaucracy)

    When D.r Straub stepped to the podium, after his first few sentences, I kept asking myself: you just got here–why are you involved in this funeral?

    I’m not at all convinced that his choking-up was real It looked fake. It was not genuine.

    It smelled. He needed to sit with the family in the audience. If asked to participate in the funeral, he should’ve shown compassion and dignity by declining.

    The rest of the funeral was magnificent. I am hoping that Ch. 16 taped it so we can see it again.

    What a fantastic homecoming for Officer Moore. What a classy family that raised him.

    It may be a turning point–I certainly hope so.

  • Black Bart

    For those of us who have friends and family in law enforcement every untimely death of a police officer causes us to wonder: What if it had been him (or her)?

    In 2010 there were 163 police “in line of duty deaths.”

    Considering there are about 683,396 officers in the US, the odds of being killed in the line of duty is a little more than 1 in 4,000.

    View http://www.odmp.org/ (Officers Down Memorial Page) for updates on police fatalities.

  • Black Bart

    Statistics for fallen officers in Indianapolis since 1883:

    Total Line of Duty Deaths: 55

    Accidental: 1
    Automobile accident: 3
    Electrocuted: 2
    Fall: 1
    Gunfire: 34
    Gunfire (Accidental): 1
    Motorcycle accident: 2
    Struck by vehicle: 2
    Vehicle pursuit: 6
    Vehicular assault: 3

    source: http://www.odmp.org/agency/5443-indianapolis-metropolitan-police-department-indiana

  • G Squre

    First, turn off your Caps Lock key, your posting looks almost as ridiculous as it sounds.
    Second, are you really quoting some source, other than the Bible? If so, please supply the source of these ill constructed ramblings.
    Third, please try to follow the example of Officer Moore and work constructively towards improving ALL segments of our community. We need solutions, not diatribes. The Black community is not solely responsible for the criminals in its ranks, anymore than the White, Indian, Hispanic, or Asian communities. You seem to accuse the Black community of being unable to judge that their actions are barbaric but then you hold them accountable for not realizing it.

    The “Black Criminal Community” did not shoot Officer Moore, Thomas Hardy allegedly did. Hardy did not “assassinate” Officer Moore, since that implies having a political agenda for the killing. Hardy has made no statements and his family have no knowledge of any motivation other than his desperate desire to avoid returning to jail coupled with the vicious nature of a cornered rat.

    Please, dirtyblues, share your wisdom. What are your solutions for solving the problems of poverty and crime that saturate some parts of our community? Give us some guidance on what will fix the problems and prevent more senselss killings in the future.

  • Think Again

    He’s not quoting from MY Bible. At least not in spirit.

  • Dave

    Thank God for men like David Moore. Thank you Abdul for acknowledging the contributions of such people.

    DB: Your posts have become more hatriotic intole-rants, than enlightenment. Racializing hatred is categoric buy-in.

    How does that improve your / our prospects or outlook? Why do you opt for emotive provocation over thoughtful evocation?

  • Dave

    “Expertise” in the restatement of what you consider to be a problem DB, doesn’t take us anywhere; bordering instead on the criminally “inane.”

    The answer is __________________________________________ (please extend the courtesy of filling in the blank with an answer, vs. restatement of that which you consider to be the problem).

  • Think Again

    You’re wasting your time.

  • Think Again

    Well, DB, none of that applies to me, but thanks for stopping by.

    Now please buzz off

  • Black Bart

    What’s the difference between “priceless” and “worthless”?

  • iwin

    Abdul I think dirtyblues is ruining your site, can you insist that he open his own blog? Maybe there is some interest, but obviously not here.

  • pascal

    No one seems to questions his statistics. Makes you wonder if they are, then, facts. If they are facts, why does he seem to be the only person bringing them to anyone’s attention? One cannot seem to do good public policy unless one is grounded in some factual reality-the main argument against liberals is that they are not so grounded. If these are facts being presented why are all the liberals looking elsewhere? Could it be possible that the attack on the Negro family launched by liberal democrats designed to drive them into a modern serfdom has consequences as described above and that the progenitors of the racial policies do not wish to accept the bastard children of their policy nor the responsibility for the deeds they did (and continue to do)? NAACP was for decades a covert jewish operation with token blacks in “leadership” roles delivering black votes for jewish political power. Does it become more clear?
    Do students of American History ever read about Reconstruction in their government schools? Sure, they may come across Fyodor Dostoyevsky in a Literature course but his writings on the American Reconstruction? Nah. Nor will they be able to read Two Hundred Years Among Us by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn although his literary works were much praised and his Gulag had important repercussions to World Knowledge including the decimation of the Communist Party in France.
    Try getting a copy of Reconstruction, 1877 by Dostoyevsky if you want to ever know anything about where to begin.

  • pascal

    Of course, TA, you will have to read the book, not the book review, not the Cliff Notes, and then see if you have anything useful to contribute.

  • Think Again

    Never read it. Did read some of his other anti-Semitic writing. I remember a college professor told me Fyodor’s favorite work was Tolstoy. Fitting.

    Most of it is gone form my mind. Happily.

    I’m real well-grounded in facts. I’m open to new ideas, though–if you’ve got any. I’ll be waiting.

  • Think Again

    Priceless: a grandchild’s smile.

    Worthless: Dick Cheney. 3/4 of the UnGov of Alaska’s public pronouncements. Everything Dirty Blues writes here.

    That oughta clear it up, Bart. You’re welcome.

  • iwin

    Abdul, thanks for your post regarding not only Officer David Moore, but also acknowledging the public safety work that all of our IMPD gives us every day. My heart continues to go out to the whole IMPD family. We constantly saw the support from Mayor Ballard, Dir. Straub and Chief Paul Ciesielski, along with the entire IMPD family. The hours they spent together, praying and supporting each other, hopefully brought some real growing moments. Spencer spoke of this new IMPD family. I felt very uplifted and was praying this would create a new unity among all of them. Perhaps they would see something in each other that they did not see before. None of us knows what took place with each of them and the family. All felt very positive, and then you, Think Again, had to break that moment of unity, presuming Dir. Straub had no right to take part in this service. How dare you destroy such a peaceful moment? Were you there with David’s parents? Did you hear any conversations that perhaps took place between these people? There were several speakers yesterday that started out by saying they did not know David personally, but his parents asked them to take part in this celebration. How awful of you to assume Dir. Straub was a fake. No one smells like you do right now. Shame on you! Spencer encouraged ALL to use this tragedy as an opportunity to move past recent rifts, obviously you prefer the struggles to continue, shame on you!

  • Black Bart

    What about “useless”?

  • Black Bart

    Slippery slope.

    Who gets to decide what is and is not acceptable? The leftists among us would eagerly delete any post with which they disagree: Just label it “racist.” I, no doubt, would be frequently cut simply because I extend my abhorrence of racial hatred to black-on-white racism.

    On the other hand, I don’t know what a diatribe on Bible translations has to do with a fallen officer.

  • Black Bart

    Good points.

    I wonder if Abdul would be willing to launch a thread on Black History Month.

  • BlackBart

    Have you read David Irving’s books?

  • Think Again

    It’s sorta like art. I know good art when I see it.

    Leftists created this country, pal. And your limp attempt to lump all criticism by “leftists” as “racist”=oriented, is intellectually lazy.

    At the very least.

  • Think Again

    I watched it. I told you what I saw. I’ve been a fairly dispassionate viewer in the frequent hardline anti-Straub stuff here.

    Straub’s eulogy looked odd to me. I’ve talked to others who wondered why he’d ACCEPT an invitation, if it was offered.

    Didn’t you ever get asked to do something, that just didn’t “feel right” ?

    Straub’s position probably entitled him to be on the stage. Discretion dictated otherwise. He hasn’t been here long enough, in that puffed-up job he has, to call that kind of attention to himself. I didn’t mention the junk that lots of anti-Straub folks have written here. For months. I was talking only about his eulogy yesterday. I’m allowed. I’m a taxpayer–my dollars paid for that fieldhouse, and for Straub’s (and yours?) salary. His is ridiculous.

    Climb off the cross. We need the wood.

    I don’t want any struggles to continue needlessly. Please don’t put words in my mouth. It isn’t “breaking a moment of unity” to make the observation I made. Are you really that all-or-nothing? If so, I hope to God you’re not wearing a badge.

  • Think Again

    (Not taking THAT bait)

  • iwin

    It’s not your business why he’d ACCEPT an invitation to participate in this celebration. You have no idea what went on between Straub and this family. Maybe he was more supportive then you could imagine.

    Just because you are a taxpayer gives you the right to give your arrogant opinion regarding this sensitive topic? Didn’t your parents ever teach you there is a time and place for everything. This just wasn’t the time.

    Bottom line is, I guess I could come off the cross, you just went against the grain.

  • pascal

    No. What does he write about?

  • guest

    I didnt even know Officer David Moore, but I was moved by his story, and passion for his job! I am not even apart of a police department yet, and I grieved over this loss. I think Frank Straub was being very sincere. He is more apart of that family than I am, and if I can get “choked up”, he can too. How bout we take some time to celebrate officer Moore’s life and legacy, instead of shit talking or pointing the finger. Lets start with common courtesy and respect for a man that lost his life for the sake of others.

  • Mama jo

    I am David’s mom Dr Straub was a class act to get me back to the city from Florida We may not always agree with each other but he is a compassionate man We all will learn from each other
    God Bless us all