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Two Week Notice

“Hey, maybe you haven’t been keeping up on current events, but we just got our asses kicked, pal!”

It’s not everyday I can use a quote from the 1986 film Aliens, but after talking on background with several  Democrats across the state Monday, I seriously think, for the first time this election season, we could see a serious bloodbath come November 2.

The political climate, which appeared to get somewhat better for Democrats in the Hoosier state, only seems to have gotten worse.  And these aren’t people who are generally pessimistic.  They are party loyalists, who are generally upbeat about most political situations.  However, this time they seem ready to concede defeat and start rebuilding for 2012.

Some observations they pointed out to me…

1.       The public perception is that the economy is not getting better.  At best things are stagnant after spending billions of dollars.  At worse, the economy is worse off than it was after spending billions of dollars.

2.       When Democrats try to motivate the base by telling them things will be worse under Republicans, the counterargument is how much worse can it get?

3.       In the Democratic stronghold of Lake County, voter apathy is at a level not seen in years.

4.       Republicans are motivated by their “Tea party base.”   They may not have much use for them when it comes to governing, but a win is a win.

5.       Absurdly abysmal efforts in Marion County to get voters to participate in early voting the past two weekends.

6.       The President’s 40-percent approval ratings in Indiana.

7.       Republican fundraising efforts have been extremely successful as evidenced by the Dan Coats U.S. Senate campaign and Governor Mitch Daniels’ efforts with Aiming Higher.

8.       Efforts to subtly invoke racial pride by appealing to Blacks to support the first Black President are not getting as much traction as originally planned because of the economy.

9.       Historical trends that work against the party in power in mid-term elections.

10.   The virtual writing off of several Indiana Congressional Districts by the national Democratic Party by pulling funding.

No matter how you slice it, this is not good news.  Now this doesn’t mean all is lost.  There are still two weeks to go and in politics a day is a lifetime.  And there are a couple glimmers of hope peeking through the dark political stormy clouds.  U.S. Senator Evan Bayh is reportedly helping Marion County Democratic Prosecutor Candidate Terry Curry raise money with a $1,000 per person fundraiser.  And the last time I checked 50 people had RSVP’d.  However, most of that money is going to phone banks and not television advertising.

In addition, the Charlie White voter-irregularity story is staying alive in the media, and the White campaign has taken a bunker mentality as of late.  However, that doesn’t mean a necessarily easier road for Vop Osili.   GOP internal polling still had White with a 13-point lead last week, but 30-percent of the voters were still undecided.

And here’s the kicker, when I tried to use a “Rocky” analogy with one of the Democrats, where although Rocky Balboa lost he was still the hero, the Democrat I spoke with told me “at least Rocky was able to get a few punches in before he lost.”

Even I felt that one.

  • Taxpayer 834512

    “…an economy worse off than it was after spending billions of dollars” – when you’re already near or beyond double digits in unemployment and trillions in debt, deficit, and future obligations. All while forcing against the will of the people, a mammoth entitlement of government health care, complete with the incredible magnitude of corruption and regulation it took to pass it.

    Is us any wonder a long-time group of disbelieving voters (currently called Tea-Partiers) have swelled to a dominant majority in America? Believing that for all the good government can do, it still is “the problem”.

  • pascal

    Let’s not forget that these are government jobs and government is the problem. In so many areas it is just incompetent and defended(at least on this forum) by incompetents. http://advanceindiana.blogspot.com/ Here is a $2 Billion pothole festering for years while politicians stole funds from it-not a problem of citizens creating-strictly governments and their creatures. As we have seen, even quasi government critters like ISTA can’t keep their hands off money that isn’t theirs.
    Government spending billions of dollars isn’t much different that what really happened,government pissed billions of dollars down the drain and is currently running printing presses 24/7 while they look for other drains.

  • Think Again

    I hate to admit, it, but the single-most effective ad I’ve seen this season, is a female voice over, satying: “When you’re in a hole, stop digging.” Or words to that effect.

    Whether I agree with it or not, it’s effective. It’s overly-simplistic, it ignores facts and it’s irritating. But damn it works.

    I’m not optimisitic for my party. I’ve seen internals that are better than you’re describing, but still not where they need to be.

    Here’s my puzzle. Help me out:

    1. Charlie White either committed voter fraud or was insanely stupid. He’s an attorney and he’s chairman of the 6th-most-Republican county in America. He is no rookie. If he’s this dumb, why should we put him in chage of Indiana’s elections? Or securities? Abdul, if you weren’t such a GOP cheerleader, you’d be asking this same question, in stereo and loudly. And you know it.

    2. The hypocracy is overwhelming. I only hope when my party either: remains in power, or, in the future, returns to power, we won’t be so smug and hypocritical. The hypocracy regards the national debt, which was run up under a president who started two wars we should’nt have ventured near. And a state Republican apparatus that harped on voter security for eight years, yet turns its back when one of their own dances around the Fraud Pond like a frog.

    3. Leadership. It’s all about leadership and the quality thereof. If my party takes a beating in two weeks, we need to find new leaders who speak better and govern better. Old hacks need to go. The Bauers of the world don’t speak for me. Frankly, only in very rare cases has he spoken for me in the past decade.

    Sometimes, the calendar blesses you. That’s the case with Republicans this year. It happened to my party in 2006. There are few good leaders with good ideas on the GOP side this time–evidenced by some of their Senate and gubernatorial candidates. The election of those idiots is the price we may have to pay for the lack of Pences on our side. It happens.

    But today’s electorate is less-informed than ever, and as a result, they’re rapidly fickle. Too often, they don’t want good government, they want results, now. Chinless McConnell, whether he’s majority or minority leader, won’t be able to take potshots any more. He’s going to have to govern. Fast. Ditto the forever-tanned one from Ohio. They’re not Pence-style leaders, but Mike hadn’t paid quite enough dues to rise to the top in that party in 2009. Pity.

    He’s wrong on most issues, but Mike Pence has more leadership in his little finger than McConnell and Boehner have in their entire combined bodies. DC is a town that still values seniority. Over brains.

    On both sides of the aisle. Which is how we get Harry Reids and Mitch McConnells.

    We can hope for, and demand, better.

  • IndyHardR

    TA,Very cool post

  • IndyHardR

    TA,Very cool post

  • Abdul

    Actually the Ds I spoke with were hoping for a bloodbath so they could push for some new leadership in their party.

  • Rico

    Here’s a fact you tend to ignore: Barry’s spent more in 20 months than all presidents from Washington to Reagan–COMBINED! So keep looking foolish by blaming Bush for everything. I’m sure Barry’s proud of you.

    And I submit to you that voters are MORE informed than ever, at least the right voters are. Your Party has opened their eyes to what liberalism is all about, and they don’t like it! That’s why the Dems are getting their asses kicked in November.

    I agree with you about Boehner and McConnell. But if they don’t see the writing on the wall, they’ll be voted out too.

  • Think Again

    Oh please, Rico…Boehner and McConnell voted out? Are you paying attention? McConnell pushed Sen. Bunning aside and look what he got–Rand Freaking Paul. Boehner has mild opposition.

    Pres. Obama (NOT “Barry” you tool) finished $845 Billion stimulus put forth by his predecessor…under stern threat of complete economic collapse. The wars were, and are, a direct result of Pres. Bush’s poor intelligence–and I mean that in the spy and brains way. The auto bailout–ditto. The financial bailout–ditto. It was Pres. Bush’s genius financial advisers that didn’t even see the crisis until very late in the game.

    I’m all for cutting federal spending in multiple arenas. Again, you can have your own opinions, but not your own facts.

    Abdul: I may be in the same boat as the Dem politicos to whom you spoke. The only bright spot could be our county ticket, which will likely win easily.

    Rico, if you think voters, of both stripes, are more-informed than ever, well…you’re just wrong. Most couldn’t pass a five-question civics test on their levels of government. Hell you apaprently thought McConnell was on the ballot. No one party owns the intelligence–or stupidity–hat. But there’s not enough voter intelligence any more, and with that lowered bar, they get more fickle and more impatient. It’ll turn. Probably not in time for November, but soon. Wait. You’ll see.

    Governing is hard work in this environment. Boehner is absolutely not ready for prime time. He has soem caucus members who are. We’ll see how that goes if they get the majority.

    Simply being the non-Pelosi isn’t enough.

  • Derek

    I’m willing to bet 75% or more Tea Party supporters couldn’t pass an 8th grade standardized test. More informed? Hardly. More scared because the right-wing propaganda machine is full of filthy money? Yes.

  • Derek

    I’m willing to bet 75% or more Tea Party supporters couldn’t pass an 8th grade standardized test. More informed? Hardly. More scared because the right-wing propaganda machine is full of filthy money? Yes.

  • Rico

    Where did you read that I thought McConnell was on the ballot this election cycle, dumbass??? The RINOs will all be targeted in future elections by those demanding accountability.(Please look that up so I don’t have to explain its meaning.)

    Voters ARE more informed! Thank God it’s not just CBS, NBC, and ABC anymore. And I submit to you that those who vote for Mike Pence, for example, are, by orders of magnitude, more intelligent and informed than any voter who would vote for any Carson in the 7th. An informed voter is the Dem party’s worst enemy. “Keep them ill-informed and dependent, and you’ll have a Democrat for life.”

    By the way, Yoda, CBS reported today that Barry has borrowed $3 Trillion since he took office. That has DOUBLED our debt!
    So, let’s review: With two wars, Hurricane Katrina, and the attack on 9/11, George W. Bush hadn’t spent close to what your president has in just 20 months–and on what?? Keep defending him. You deserve whatever happens to you! And when the Dems get it handed to them in November, the man-child Obama will blame everyone but himself.

  • Rico

    You just proved that not all are more informed. As a whole, the American electorate (minus the Obama supporters) ARE more informned.

    And what filthy money? What about the Soros and Hamas money your boy got to get elected? That kind of filthy money?

    Americans should be afraid. They’re losing this once-great nation to a man-child president who hates his country and is determined to bring it to its knees. Folks like you aren’t afraid because you just want somebody else to pick up the tab.

  • Think Again

    I deduced that you thought McConnell was on the ballot from this:

    “I agree with you about Boehner and McConnell. But if they don’t see the writing on the wall, they’ll be voted out too.”

    Just when did you mean they’d be voted out? Boehner, of course, is on the ballot this year, but…McConnell isn’t on the ballot. If that’s not what you meant, maybe you could try a little better English. I think my assumption was fair.

    What pisses off a lot of folks on my side, and maybe those on your side too, is broad-brush answers like you give way too often. Your 7th district Carson voter answer, for instance. Your profound hate for the guy diminishes respect for the office, and you lose objectivity, if not common sense. I know many solid Rs who voted for Andre, and will do it again. Some of them would love a viable choice. Once again, they don’t have it.

    Careful with the broad brush.

    And your knowledge of the debt situation is sorrowfully inept. The debt includes the stimulus bill strted under Pres. Bush, as well as the bailouts mentioned above. I wish he’d spend even less, and I’ve opined here exactly where we cna spend less, but you really gotta learn up. Or get off the porch.

    Oh yeah, the name-calling isn’t impressive. Most of us grew out of that in eighth grade or so.

  • Think Again

    Damn, Rico…so much hate, so little logic.

  • Rico

    Maybe you should go back to the eighth grade or get back on your meds. You called me a ‘tool’ in your previous post!

    My English is fine. My point was that this election will be a wake-up call for the McConnells and Boehners in Congress. If they don’t take notice, it will be at their own peril. Your assumption that I meant this election (as if ‘taking notice’ at this late date would make any difference) may be ‘fair’ by your standards, but childlike by mine.

    Solid R’s that vote for Andre? I doubt it. What color is the sky in your world?

    Man up (woman up, tranny up, etc.) ! This is Barry’s economy. He’s only digging us deeper into the hole. Whoever takes his place in the Whitehouse will have a helluva bigger mess to clean up than he did.

  • Rico

    ‘Hate’ is a verb, professsor.

  • Rico

    Now blame that one on your fat fingers.

  • pascal

    Taking out RINOS has been accomplished. D’s taking out D’s I must have missed. The R’s are getting new blood. The D’s are on kidney pumps.

  • pascal

    Boehner and McConnell could be voted out of their “leadership” positions. The new blood has no use for old dogs with no teeth.

  • Pascal

    Why Derek, the Indiana Exit Exam for High School Seniors is at a standardized dumbed down 9th grade level…thus making it an 8th grade test, in effect. I’d take your bet and raise the ante to something like 75% of licensed and practicing Indiana Teachers could not pass a real High School Exit Exam. Before you waste your time or money look into how Kennedy’s State fared with teacher competency exams.

  • Pascal

    ” Folks like you aren’t afraid because you just want somebody else to pick up the tab”. Isn’t TA the guy who is very happy that the rest of us will soon be paying for his excessive health care? The thrust of most of TA’s points has been to loot the productive and spend the loot on TA sorts of losers. No hate involved in that observation, folks recognize parasites when they need to.

  • indyernie

    I would say the same applys to democrats.

  • indyernie

    A solid R voting for Andre….BS! I know hard D’s who won’t support him….TA you have to get your meds checked, you’re delusional.

  • Think Again

    Now THERE’S the man-up response, Rico. Correct-a-mundo, Pascal. They could be voted out fo leadership roles.

    Choose your words more carefully, Rico. They have meaning.

    Sorry I called you a tool. That’s really a put-down of tools. I meant to type “fool.” It ain’t ridicule if it’s true.

  • Rs8722pcb

    I know them–I attended an event with some two weeks ago. Were they thrilled? Nope. On key issues important to them, he’s 66% with them. That’s their words. A few Lilly execs, a banker or two…they need to be able to speed-dial their Congressman, and I got the sense they do. Regularly. I was a little surprised, but some of these execs have seen Andy, Bill Hudnut, Julia and Andre in that role. They take the long-term approach…use what you’ve got.

    It obviously happens, Ernie, if you pay any attention to the baseline votes in the district. Andre got more than the baseline vote last time. The Republican candidate got less than their baseline.

    It’s basic election math.

    My God, Ernie–do you and Rico and some others, think the world really works the way you type in this blog? And I’M delisional? Hilarious!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know what the hell is going to happen in two weeks, but this is some funny stuff here.

  • M Theory

    As an Independent voter, I wait until election day to vote. I am glad I do after reading yesterday about Massa’s sleazy campaign contributions. I was planning to vote for Massa. Now, that vote will go to Curry.

  • M Theory

    Ernie, face it. Andre will win.

  • M Theory

    So Pascal? Are you saying Coats is a conservative? Really?

  • M Theory

    Even Rush Limbaugh, who made a career denying the influence of the CFR and the Bilderbergers, understands that Republicans will continue the work of the Democrats. Both sides work for the banksters and the job is to continually fool the American people into supporting the establishment.

  • Derek

    I’m no fool, Ricky. I own a successful business, pay my own (very expensive, self-pay) insurance, and usually don’t get baited into BS by right-wing blow-hards like yourself (and Pascal… who’s views are as antiquated as the programming language his moniker suggests). However, here I am. We have different views, sir. You don’t like different views, I understand that. You are right and everyone else is wrong, except for the opinion makers that spew the same lines as you. No one likes taxes (WE’RE STILL GOING TO PAY TAXES, RICKY), but unlike yourself, I’d rather my dollars help those here at home, than pad the deep pockets of the Military-industrial complex. A country is only as good as its poor and its sick, but I don’t expect a chest-beating AMERRIKAN “patriot” to understand that.

  • Jhays

    Type your comment here.Hey Derek, Blaise “Pascal” was a French mathematician, physicist, inventor, writer and Catholic philosopher. And, there is a difference between taxation and extortion.

  • Think Again

    Gosh, I don’t even know what the moniker suggests…guess that makes me a teck idiot. But I like the rest, Derek.

  • Rico

    I’m glad you feel that way. I’ll stick with calling you a dumbass.

  • Rico

    You better get diggin’ in your pockets then, Derek. With the policies your president and Party have enacted, there will invariably be increasing numbers of both the poor and the sick.

  • Think Again

    I’m done with you Pascal.

    Rico: please think before you type: from http://www.dictionary.com, it’s both a noun and a verb (or was that sarcasm?):

    [heyt] Show IPA
    verb, hat·ed, hat·ing, noun
    –verb (used with object)
    to dislike intensely or passionately; feel extreme aversion for or extreme hostility toward; detest: to hate the enemy; to hate bigotry.
    to be unwilling; dislike: I hate to do it.
    –verb (used without object)
    to feel intense dislike, or extreme aversion or hostility.
    intense dislike; extreme aversion or hostility.
    the object of extreme aversion or hostility.

  • Rico

    That’s due to the ‘dumbing down’ of the language, TA. Hell, why don’t we just make Ebonics our official language?

  • Melyssa

    Derek, I led the tea parties in Indiana before it was fashionable. I’ll take your test.

  • Dave

    Is my Libertarian friend correct; did the entire Republican party, risk losing ballot access in the SOS missteps?

  • Derek

    He’s your president, too. And I don’t have the problem (sickness) of having a “party” sing about.

  • Derek

    You should be happy you’re in the .25 group. I’m guessing it takes a bit of smarts to draw a Hitler mustache on a poster of the President.