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When Sharpton Speaks

Believe it or not, when I went to the news conference this afternoon with Al Sharpton on Indianapolis’ east side, I really did try to keep an open mind.  No matter how offensive I find Al Sharpton and insulting he is to anyone with a brain, I told myself to play it straight.  No matter old and tired I find his hair, wardrobe and rhetoric, I was not going give him the benefit of the doubt.  Oh well.

Sharpton was supposed to speak to us press folks for an hour.   He showed up nearly a half hour late, only spoke to us for 10 minutes, said nothing of substance and left early.  My father had a word for people like that, but I won’t use it in mixed company.  The sad part is that no one from the Black Ministers Alliance told us he was running late or really said anything to us until Sharpton arrived.

What little Sharpton did say was merely the parroting of what the Black Minister’s Alliance had to say.  He added nothing significant to the conversation.  He repeated their calls for a federal review of the Brandon Johnson case, which is already taking place.  He called for civilian oversight of the police department internal affairs division, which already exists.  And he called for all the officers involved to be fired, even the one IMPD says intervened and was actually the hero in all this.

To be honest, I am seriously debating whether to go to his speech this evening at Eastern Star.  I’m really searching for anything of significance he might have to say to anyone with synaptic activity between their ears and I can’t think of anything.

If I was Brandon Johnson, I would rather take another police beating than have Al Sharpton and the  Keystone Cops organization known as the Black Ministers Alliance, speak for me. It would definitely be less painful.

You can hear his comments below.

al sharpton

Editor’s Note: We did have a bit of an exchange during the news conference and shortly afterward.   Sharpton is definitely a piece of work, among other things.

  • John Howard

    I still would like to know who pays, and how much, for his travelling circus whistlestops.

  • Think Again

    I would too, John Howard. It does make a difference. I'd go tonight if I didn't have a conflict.

    Just wondering, Abdul///how do you handle it, when you show up at event like this, and those who are hosting “expect” you to behave and comment or question in a certain way, because you, too are African-American, like them?

    Because I've heard in political circles, when the black community gathers, what they allegedly think of you. The logic used is the most vile, stereotypical nonsense I've ever heard. As if no one in that community, can speak for “that community,” unless they agree lock-step. It's a 'you're with or us you're again us' mentality. Very Reaganesque.

    But I don't walk in your skin, so I genuinely wanted to know. I can only imagine.

  • Rico

    Yeah, but with Reagan it was about the Commies. Lousy analogy.

    If you get a chance, Abdul, ask Big Al if he has ever, in his entire life, done anything to promote racial harmony. What a scumbag! MLK jr would be rolling over in his grave if he saw what those who have hijacked the so-called civil rights movement are doing these days.

  • Think Again

    Uh, no, it wasn't, Rico. It was about ANYONE who disagreed with ANYTHING Reagan and his acolytes perpetrated. Including breaking the law (Iran-Contra) ala Ollie North. But I didn't expect you'd remember those pertinent details.

    But you're right. Martin might not be so proud of some of the titans of the movement these days. (sigh)

  • Abdul


    I actually am glad you asked that question. I am quite aware of what some of “my people” say about me and frankly I don't care. If they aren't smart enough to use me as a resource then they really aren't the kind of people I want to be bothered with. I do plan to write something about that this week. It's not going to be pretty, but it's going to be honest.

  • Rmoney

    To John and TA –

    I actually went to see Al tonight. There was a collection taken at the church to pay for his appearence.

    I throughly enjoyed his speech.

    Interested in seeing how Abdul presents it on the blog tomorrow.

  • Rmoney

    Promoting Racial Harmony isn't sticking your head in the sand.

    I disagree with your assumption on how MLK would react to today's civil rights fighters.

  • Think Again

    They passed the hat? tacky.

  • pascal

    So, Al is a piece of work instead of a POS?

  • Rmoney

    Pretty much. I didn't have a issue with it. I don't think many people there did.

  • Rico

    I paid very close attention to those hearings. North is a true patriot who put his life on the line to defend this nation. As opposed to your party's president who obstructed justice because he couldn't keep it in his pants. What a stark contrast!

    By the way, the Dems had both houses of Congress when Reagan was in office. As much as you and the scumbags in the media hated Reagan, America didn't. Back then, we didn't crap on our allies and our enemies feared us. Times sure have changed.

  • Rico

    MLK jr was a Christian. Now we have a race-baiting, pro-infanticide (half) black President who wants to be judged soley on the color of his skin. You obviously don't know your history.

    By the way, judging by Big Al's hair, he's been sticking his head in something much darker than sand.

  • Rico

    They probably didn't collect enough to pay for the shoe polish Al puts on his head.

  • Jessie Jackson

    We get a percentage of the take from the city we protest in.In this case we only get 15% of the gross. So if this poor young black man gets a million from the city, my homy Al gets $150,000

  • Jessie Jackson

    TA, Yu are my people!

  • Jessie Jackson


    Are you a racest,if you are I will come down there and sue you

  • Jessie Jackson

    Pascal,Im dissapointed in your racest attitude. I know that Rico is a racest by his shoe polish comments.But you? I have always had more respect for you.

  • pascal

    Jessie, my racing days are over. If you can't recognize a POS then you could at least google the POS and come up to speed. Since I voted for you in the Indiana Presidential Primary, back when you were a real Rev (Abortion is Genocide) concerned about the extermination of the Negro race I'd think you had better have respect. But, since you turned race hustler and fell silent on real moral issues the lack of respect is mutual. Between you and Al the choice is easy-it is called flush the toilet.

  • malercous

    Abdul; Why for do you even mention Sharpton? He's a goofwad and everybody knows it. He thrives on publicity, even if its negative. I'm a liberal and I cringe every time he opens his opinion orifice on a subject that I agree with him on.
    By even mentioning him, you (as a Republican[?]) feed his ego, give him creedence, and only serve to debase yourself. Dawg, he just ain't worth it. Sure, he's got a following. But so does Rush Limbaugh. These people are always gonna follow their “leader” no matter how outrageous the things they say. Everybody else knows they have no credibility, but by you even recognizing Sharpton, gives him at least an imprimatur of legitimacy.
    If this joker were ignored by respectable people when he first lost credibility, as he should have been, we wouldn't be hearing from his silly face now. I know you didn't start it, but you are feeding into Sharpton's credibility by even mentioning him.
    You are not going to sway the faithful, you don't need to preach to the choir, and the independent thinkers already know he's a buffoon. So, was it a slow newsday, or what?

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