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Now That the Circus Has Left Town

I have to admit, I did not stay for all of Al Sharpton’s address last night, I left about 15 minutes before he ended.  I’m on Channel 6 at 5 a.m. on Monday mornings and had a lot of work to do before bed.  And to quote my grandfather, “that Negro was not worth losing sleep over.”   I stayed in touch with a number of  people who stayed until the end so I think I can write this with a pretty informed opinion.

To be honest,  the event was a wash.  Al got the crowd riled up over excessive force by police and he spent time talking about personal responsibility.   Al repeated the demands of the ministers (most of were already in place before they asked for them).  But as I sat there and watched the event, I did finally have a revelation; it must of had something to do with being in a church for the 3rd time that day.  This was not about Al, this was about the pastors who brought him.

Al Sharpton is as Al Sharpton does, so nothing he does should really surprise me or anyone.  What is more telling is the ministers who claim to be the “official voice of the African-American community” are so politically impotent that they had to pay someone to come to town to try to make their case to the public.  And to be honest, Al Sharpton only appeals to a certain segment of the African-American community.

If these guys had the “juice” that they claimed, they would have been able to accomplish this on their own.  If they had the “juice” they would have addressed the 30+ young black men who’ve been victims of murder by other young black men without Sharpton’s help.  If they had the “juice” they would have been able to address the abysmal minority drop out rate.  If they had the “juice” they would be at the forefront of economic development and helping to rebuild portions of this city that have plagued with crumbling streets and abandoned homes.

But instead of having the acumen to solve their own problems, they had to go get hired help.   But I guess I can’t be too upset, I do the same thing when I have no idea what I’m doing either.

Oh, and before I forget.  To my detractors who are livid about what you just read, please remember the following: Al Sharpton is gone and I am still here.  Please make a note of it.

  • Buzzy Whitlow

    Nevertheless, the issue remains largely unaddressed, and the black community's problems will not get any better until it is. And shame on any man, er, I mean male, of any race who doesn't have enough spine to marry the mother of his children FIRST, and then stay there to raise them.

  • pascal

    When you are one deviation down your ability to function in a society like ours is also at least one deviation down.

  • Rico

    The Klansman who just died, A-hole, was a 'pillar of the Senate' in YOUR party. Yours is the Party of racists and race-baiters. It is your party who has hyphenated America and sees only color. It is your party who engages in the 'subtle bigotry of lowered expectations' in the name of diversity.

  • Rico

    I was responding to Melyssa, Simpleton. I don't want them run out of town, I want them exposed. It is you Dems that try to silence dissent. The 'concerned clergy' cares about as much for the black community as your heroine Julia did the last decade of her life.

  • Ramon

    Our city needs homeowners who will not leave tree limbs and throw mattresses in their backyards and then ignore code violations until the taxpayers have to pay to clean it up.

  • Ramon

    You mean Ryan Vaughn , the council member with more conflicts of interest than any of the others………

  • Guest

    Since the Brandon Johnson is clearly motivated by race according to Sharpton et al, I would like to respond for the white community. Remember, Brandon Johnson is bi racial.

    You interfered with the police, and you got what you deserved. It is called personal responsibility and respect (or how about basic civility toward your fellow person). A lesson both of your parents (regardless of colour, failed to teach you) Soon, you (your mother and the clergy) will settle with the city for several hundered of thousands of dollars in damages. When the money runs out, we will see you again in the headlines.

  • Think Again

    Flag on the play, racist.

  • Guest

    I normally dont agree with Joe Slash since he voted to KEEP IMPD Off. Bobby Jefferson on the police department after Jefferson was caught red handed (he returned the money and admitted to the theft) of $500 he stole during a traffic stop of a hispanic last fall. But occassionally, Slash does suprise.

    In case of police stop, keep cool, follow rules
    Joseph A. Slash
    Posted: July 13, 2010.
    The Indianapolis Urban League does not condone inappropriate police actions that result in injury or mistreatment of any citizen. We are disturbed by the recent police actions, and believe justice will be done, and expect those responsible will be held accountable by the proper authorities.
    As one of the oldest civil rights organizations in the country, our more pressing concern is to make sure members of our community avoid confrontational situations with law enforcement officials.

    A few years ago, numerous community and civic leaders worked together to develop a Community Code of Conduct and Rules of Survival to be used if detained by law enforcement officials.
    As we begin the summer months, we feel it is appropriate to remind the community of these guidelines and strongly encourage all citizens to use this information if detained by the police:
    1. Be polite and respectful when stopped by the police. It is important to make police feel that they are not in a threatening environment.
    2. Stay calm and remain in control. You may be scared, but it is important for you to relax. Watch your words, body language and emotions.
    3. Do not under any circumstances get into an argument with the police.
    4. Always remember that anything you say or do can be used against you in a court of law.
    5. Keep your hands in plain sight and make sure the police can see your hands at all times. This means you keep your hands out of your pockets and avoid any hand motions or gestures that may be viewed as aggressive.
    6. Avoid physical contact with the police. Do not brush against the police in any manner.
    7. Do not run from the police even if you are afraid.
    8. Even if you believe that you are innocent, do not resist arrest.
    9. Do not make any statements about the incident until you are able to meet with your parents, guardian, a lawyer or a public defender.
    10. Remember that your goal is to get home safely. Use the above rules to help you navigate a police stop. If you feel that your rights have been violated, you and your parents have the right to file a formal complaint with your local police jurisdiction.
    Also a few years ago, the then-chief of the Indianapolis Police Department published a flier titled “What to Do When Operating a Motor Vehicle and Stopped by a Police Officer.” The Indianapolis Urban League has encouraged the current chief to reissue this important and timely information.
    We owe it to every citizen of our community to do everything we can to make the Greater Indianapolis community a safe environment.

    .Slash is president and CEO of the Indianapolis Urban League.

  • Guest

    Officer Whitlow, Brandon Johnson father is white. Mother is black. This has to do with personal responsibility of a sub-cultural that exists within our society. A sub-cultural that relates immediate self gratification, lack of responsibility and damn the consequences. A sub-culture that is growing in population (look at out of wedlock birth rates) and unfortunately acceptance into our society.

  • MH

    Where was the concern when a black officer, while off duty but in uniform,shot and killed a drug dealer at the request of another drug dealer? Could it be that since all 3 were black, that the deafening silence from the “Concerned” clergy was an indictment of their failure as moral stewards of God, at least for these individuals? Spare us Your observations, Rmoney..and as far as predictable, I have seen that alot in your posts. Predictable as in hypocritical

  • Rico

    That word means nothing anymore, thanks to those of your ilk.