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Coats v. Ellsworth

I managed to run into Dan Coats and Brad Ellsworth over the weekend at separate events.  I asked them about a number of issues, and oddly one thing they both seem to agree upon is that the race will be a lot closer than what the current polls are showing now.  You can hear their comments below.  Both are about five minutes long.  Happy listening.

Brad Ellsworth

Dan Coats

  • http://twitter.com/IndyStudent Matthew Stone

    Any possibility of getting the Tom John and Beth White interviews up as well?

  • Puzzled

    Did Dan Coats explain why he finds Indiana such an unpleasant place to live?

  • LMR

    I was born and raised in Indiana. I love living in Indiana. I plan to raise a family and grow old in Indiana. The fact that I would like to retire to a beach house on the east coast someday does not change the fact that there is nowhere I would rather be right now than the great state of Indiana. To say that because someone would like to retire on the coast implies that they find Indiana an unpleasant place to live is absurd. I hope you're a liberal because I expect much more from conservatives and libertarians.