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Playing By the Rules

If Marion County Democrats plan to challenge the precinct committeemen candidtes presented by Mayoral candidate Brian Williams, they should be ready to have a fight on their hands.

Williams told me Saturday that he plans to “defend and support his people for PC and they will not lack for infrastructure or resources.”  He says any allegations that his committeemen don’t live in their precincts are nonsense.  And he also says while some may have voted Republican in the past, he’s more concerned about how they will vote in the future.  He also disputes allegations that his team has filed multiple candidates in the same precinct, calling it waste of resources.*

He says Democrats who are upset at his actions are “only fans of democracy as long as it’s an oligarchy.”  Williams says he is playing by the rules set down by the Democrats and it’s good for the party and the process to bring new people into the system.  He  also points out several other candidates and organizations have had individuals file to run including Melina Kennedy and  Barack Obama’s Organizing for America and no one has complained about their participation.

This just keeps getting better and better.

*Sidenote: I’m still trying to figure out what’s going on in Washington 47 where Lacy Johnson, David Orenticher and John Boyd are all running against each other for PC.

  • Think Again

    John Boyd is likely Jay Boyd, the first Bayh campaign treasurer, attorney, nice guy.

    Lacey is a power-hungry glutton. I know all three.

    It's highly possible none thought to talk with the other.

  • joneaster

    If they aren't Democrats, they cannot run for PC as I understand it.

  • varangianguard

    In Indiana, what determines whether one is Democrat, Republican, Libertarian or Very, Very Silly Party? A membership card? Dues? Secret Tattoos? Or, just someone's simple declarative statement?

  • Alex_Ralston

    He said what he had to say, but that doesn't mean it's so. His stack of filings was what it was – an unorganized batch of forms that needed to be checked for accuracy.

    In the short term he's succeeded only in taking Democrats' eyes off of 2010. Talk about wasting resources…

    Seems to me the announcement of the 200* was his plan to try to unlock some campaign fundraising doors this year.

    (*It wasn't 200 to begin with. And there were many overlaps.)

  • Hector

    Your party affiliation is determined by the LAST primary ballot you requested when you voted in a primary. If your last vote in the primary was with a republican ballot then you cannot run as a PC in the Democratic party.

  • Dave

    “Outsiders” aren't supposed to notice the handshake or decoder ring, while “insiders” trade given names for party hats; social insecurity for the pretense of protection, all “this” under a paper umbrella of conformity. Never mind what say, your, DNA.

  • Democrat

    587 Filings for PC.
    376 people filed who aren't presently PCs.
    If one thing is clear, it is that we don't have the same Democratic Party today that we had on Thursday.

  • Mayor McCheese

    Sure sounds like WIN is all about one thing: Getting one specific candidate elected. How will the party faithful reckon with that? Stay tuned.

  • Hector

    Actually there are only 152 precincts where there is a contest for committeeperson. Williams filed up to 6 in some precincts. They can't all win the one position. The election board will determine the accuracy of the filings not Williams or anyone other individual. I know for a fact that several have already been found and are ready to take to the election board. Republicans cannot be allowed to assume positions in the Democratic party.

  • fanforchange

    The Marion County Democratic Party changed overnight. Why would anyone put up a fight? You lost to Greg Ballard, Melina lost to Carl Brizzi, Monroe Gray was censored, Andre Carson replaced his grandmother, and the CIB mess was created by the democrats in office. It is time for new blood. Way to go Brian.

  • barnard

    Williams has put his eggs all in one basket (which is fine). The fact that he is calling so many “party” people touting his 200+ PC filings means that it will be hard for him to run against the slate in the primary if he loses at slating. He will have absolutely no credibility left within the party if he does that. Abdul….. ask him if he will sign the slating agreement since he obviously feels slating is really important.

  • fanforchange

    How about not having slating?? Not having slating would solve everything. Lets see who really has the support of the democratic party and supports democracy..

  • Hector

    Spoken like a true republican…..you could start by promoting this idea within your own party….the party of Carl Brizzi, Lincoln Plowman, Tim Durham etc..

  • IndyErnie

    Let’s look closely here…I haven't seen an indictment on Brizzi or Plowman and the Durman case seems to be slipping away.

    Let's talk about …Monroe Gray, Ron Gibson, Doris McNeil, Tony Duncan, Carl Drummer, Bill May and Lacy Johnson.
    Several on this list have been indicted, all on the list should have been. Those of you on the left need to clean up your own house. Those of us on the right know when house cleaning is needed and we respond without encouragement from short sighted, forgetful, and usually crooked democrats.

  • wilson46201

    Ernie, your swishy white robes are showing again! All seven people you condemned are African-American. No white folk at all? Not a single Caucasian?

    Ernie let his true colors really hang out there!

  • har19

    In Indiana, what determines whether one is Democrat, Republican, Libertarian or Very, Very Silly Party? A membership card? Dues? Secret Tattoos? Or, just someone's simple declarative statement?i like nike air max very much

  • Rico

    …as opposed to the party of Monroe Gray, Doris Minton-McNeil, Ron Gibson and the Queen of all underachievers–the late Julia Carson. What pride you must have in your party!

    If you want to discuss your party at the national level, I'd be more than happy to engage.

  • IndyErnie

    Wilson just what does the color of their skin matter?

    I could make the same senseless comment in regards to Hector only naming Caucasians.
    We all know who’s the real racists is here Wilson….go look in a mirror and you will also.

  • Hector

    Once again, the ballot you requested in your last primary determines the party membership that you hold. Plain and simple. It is not hard to understand. If you do NOT vote in primaries then you are an independent and do not belong to either party and cannot serve as PC in either party.

  • Think Again

    Hector, that's not entirely true. You really need tp check the statutes. Folks ARE allowed to change their minds.

  • pascal

    My money is on ta here since it seems to be clear that the closer one gets to the dunghill the more accurate he is. The converse is also true-when he writes of things distant, he falters. Example:http://washingtontimes.com/news/2010/feb/22/obama-tops-bushs-record-for-putting-reporters-on-h/?feat=home_headlines Where ta will defend Teleprompter Supremo who is one press confernce sans Teleprompter from Bidenque Gaffes and exposure to what little he really is. Lest R's take any comfort, abstract 9/11 from GW and what is left? What did Big Government Conservatism ever amount to? A lie. A lie the R's embraced thus catching all sorts of VD and becoming unattractive to the public.

  • Name

    WRONG. Party affiliation is determined by your last primary ballot OR a declarative statement (if challenged) that you intend to vote for a majority of that party in the next General Election.

  • Think Again

    Yikes Pascal. Stand aside folks…he's on a roll.

    But the WashTimes cite was hilarious. One of America's least-objective newspapers.

  • http://twitter.com/IndyStudent Matthew Stone

    There's been some rumblings that they're having money problems. Hard to believe they were ever doing financially well in the first place.

  • Think Again

    The Times? Money problems? The Moonies are flush with cash.

  • pascal

    Teaching TA seems to be a waste of time. One may laugh at a source but that does not take away from the reporting of facts as facts. In previous posts TA has spouted that Obama has been most accessible (to anywhere he could plug in a Teleprompter?) but the fact is that he is afraid to face the press. That is because he is an affirmative action hire. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB100014240527487… So is his AG.
    I won't bother to ask which newspaper is objective, in his view, that would be changing the subject. Avoiding exposure for incompetence is the Obama trademark. He seems to have a reverse Midas touch, doesn't he? Whatever he touchs turns into a smelly substance. I'd prefer that he resigned except that we would then be stuck with a serial liar, Joe Plugs, and the gaffe meter would burst from overuse.

  • wilson46201

    ad hominem much, “pascal” ?

  • pascal

    Ans. No. TA just gets his facts wrong. Education of wilson46201 will be a large project. Ad hominem is an argument directed against a person as a person. I don't know TA or you, for that matter, so ad hominem is incorrect. What you are generally looking at from me is called Enthymeme. Example: “We cannot trust this this man, for he has lied in the past” is an enthymeme. Technically, it is a syllogism in which one of the premises is implicit, that is, known or assumed by everyone in the audience. TA gets his facts wrong so often and in so many ways that this audience can be presumed to know that the further he roams from his dunghill the less accurate he is. So long as he stays near his dunghill and the trivial pursuit of local politics he can make good observations based on his historical knowledge. If there is anything you don't understand about enthymeme credit your government school that taught you neither Latin or Greek.