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What About Bob?

State Democratic Party Chairman Dan Parker may have a contender for his job when party officials meet this weekend.  

Marion County Democrat and labor leader Bob Voorhies’ name is surfacing as a challenger.  Voorhies reportedly sent out an e-mail to State Central Committee members expressing his intent  to run for State Chairman, even though he did not file the necessary paperwork by Wednesday’s 12:30 p.m. deadline.   Party officials are treating his e-mail as a declaration of candidacy should he decide to run.

Word on the street is that Voorhies is representing a faction of Indiana Democrats who are not happy with Evan Bayh over his positions on some labor issues such as the Employee Free Choice Act and the lack of public support for Jill Long Thompson in the last gubernatorial campaign and want to challenge Parker as a way of going after Bayh.

If only my Republican friends were this exciting. 

  • Think Again

    Bob is a class act, and has longtime ties to the street-level Marion County organization. His wife is county recorder. He has no beef with Evan, strong enough to fuel a state chairmship squabble.

    If he runs, it’ll be because he thinks he can do a better job. That’s all. No more, no less.

  • Abdul Hakim-Shabazz


    I appreciate your input as always, but I’m hearing a totally different story.

  • arnie

    TA has it right from the conversations I have had concerning Bob. Maybe you were conned by those you talked to at the Hogsett St. Patrick day party Tuesday Abdul.

  • Sweatervest

    I doubt Bob is against Evan Bayh so much as he is a party that seems exclusively interested in helping candidates that in some manner benefit Evan Bayh and will never likely rise to the position of challenging him as the sole leader of the party.

    Democrats can win in Indiana. We knew that before Barack Obama broke our red state mold.

    Party apparatus needs to be behind nominees and recruiting. A state party that waits until a month before the convention to recruit our statewide candidates; is uninterested in revitalizing the state senate from their irrelevance; and stands by quietly allowing Governor Daniels to go practically unchallenged holding no press conferences and offering no debate, is a party that is guilty of de facto collaboration with the opposition.

    Our party chair should be on constant offense and continuous promotion of party interests. I haven’t seen that kind of party organization since Robin Winston sat in the Chair seat.

    Bob understands that. I hope this news is true. Where do I sign up?

  • KC

    Evan Bayh like Andy Jacobs, Jr., both should have ran as republicans, because they always supported them. The only time they acted like democrats was when they had challengers in the November Election.

    Haven’t seen the Klan rally at the statehouse lately after Bayh went to Washington, I wonder why?

    Bayh and his team of lawyers, Joe Hoggsett,Joe Andrews, Jeff Modisett, Fred Glass, Bart Peterson, Ann Delaney, Pam Carter, Bill Moreau,David Hamilton,Kip Tew and others are his personal click to cover his behind.

    Jeff Modisett, Andy Jacobs and Evan Bayh screwed Dwayne Brown as clerk of the courts. The former democrat state chair in East Chicago is in prison now and was in the click.

    Joe Andrews as national chair rigged the elections in Florida’s Dade and Broward Counties with the democrat county clerks that created the scandals in the 2000 Presidential Election.

    Bayh thinks he will become president one day. Reason he was hanging with the Clintons and now with the usurper, Obama. His plan is to pull them all to Washington one day. I doubt it very seriously!

  • Merlyn

    evan bayh is barely a democrat, and i say that as someone who considers himself a moderate democrat. i would love it if there was a strong challenger to bayh in the primary one year. honestly, even as a democrat, i have way more respect and admiration for richard lugar than i do for bayh.

  • KC

    Federal Judge David Hamilton awarded Mary Cartwright and her two childrn $5.00, $2 for each child and $1 for her in a civil suit against a state police woman who kick in the door at Mary’s apartment and terrorized her children one morning when she was not at home. Remember, the scandal surrounding Jack Crawford, the first and former lotter director appointed by Bayh. They used his affair with Cartwright to prevent him for running for governor. Moreau masterminded that scandal. They are all a bunch of demo Rat dirtballs!

  • arnie

    Looks like this one is over.

    Bob Voorhies is out of the race for state Democratic chairman two days after filing his candidacy. In an e-mail Voorhies said he got out because he can count votes (and it was clear he would lose.) He used the e-mail, however, to air his grievances against Chairman Dan Parker, who is now unopposed in his bid for re-election.

    The Voorhies gripe boils down to the way Parker handled the primary for governor last year. Without saying so directly, Voorhies makes it clear that he thought Jim Schellinger got preferential treatment from party headquarters.

    Jill Long Thompson won, didn’t she?

  • Abdul Hakim-Shabazz

    Here is Bob’s letter right here…

    Dear Fellow Democrats:

    Just a couple of days ago, I filed the proper paperwork to seek the office of Chairman of the Indiana Democratic Party. I take this
    responsibility very seriously as I am always ready to serve the party with dignity, respect, and diligence.

    In the rules of the Indiana Democratic Party, one of the stated responsibilities of the Chairman is, “to exercise such discretionary
    powers as may be necessary and proper in the interest of the citizens of Indiana and the Democratic Party.” I believe that Democrats expect their Chairman to treat members of the party with honesty and respect.

    As I have repeatedly been told while discussing my intention to seek the office of Chair, many Democrats in Indiana just do not feel that this is the case with our current Chair.

    We are in a position in Indiana to revitalize our party and capitalize on the energy and enthusiasm generated by the Presidential election last year. Many people who have not been involved before are now interested
    in politics, government and most importantly for our purposes, the Democratic Party. Newcomers to the political process, and those who have been involved for a lifetime don’t expect the Chair of their party to try to secretly influence the outcome of major primary contests. The current Chairman has done just that. Many of us are concerned that he also seems to be in the process of making the same mistake again on both the municipal and statewide level.

    I have long believed that the Democratic Party is the “big tent” party based on inclusion and progressive principles. The current Chair has
    refused repeatedly to seek consensus and inclusion. On the contrary, his dishonesty and heavy-handedness has repelled many from being involved with the Party.

    The State Party stood by as the Obama campaign ran the entire campaign operation in the State last fall. The statewide candidates were given
    no resources or assistance to try to compete. As a result, in a year in which Democrats should have experienced a great election night up and down the ticket, we were able to celebrate a Presidential victory, a slim majority in the State House, and we kept our incumbent Congressmen. However, none of our statewide candidates were competitive and although effort and money were plentiful in some areas, we were not able to pick up a single congressional seat.

    Something has to change. The current Democratic Party Chairman is ignoring his most basic responsibilities and the principles that inspire people to join our party, vote for our candidates, trust our elected officials and work to advance our beliefs to make better the lives of all Hoosiers.

    I have offered myself as a candidate for this office because I believe deeply that my party, your party, the party of the people, can do
    better. This should be a golden age of expansion for us. I fear that with our current leadership, we are allowing this momentum to slip past us.

    I have been actively involved in politics and organized labor my entire life. I know how to count. I realize that the votes are not there to elect me State Chair. However, I feel that because of the actions of the current Chair, and especially the mistakes made last year during the Governor’s race, it was my duty as a Democrat to bring these issues to the forefront. Because I care so deeply and personally about the success of the Democratic Party in Indiana and nationwide, I am at this time withdrawing from the race for State Chair.

    Democratically Yours,

    Robert H. Voorhies
    Life Long Democrat

  • Think Again

    KC, your views were informative. Except the Dwayne Brown thing. He screwed himself by going to strip bars in a state car on the clock, and having a particular fettish that got leaked. That was a horrible human tragedy to watch implode. Truly sad.

    Bob V is a class act. His letter is a bit verbose, but he didn’t duck behind anonymous nobodies–he put his gripes right out there. With his name on it.

    Abdul, ’twas always such…Bob was never going to get much more than a few votes, and more than one of those votes was supporting both candidates. Depending on who called last. That state committee needs some shaking up.

    Sen. Bayh never had to lift a finger, so, he spent zero political capital.

    All worked out well. The chairman’s considerable failings were aired, and I think Parker learned that just because he’s Evan’s fair-haired boy, he still has to put in an honest day’s work as state chair. Recuirting candidates and supporting them in a workable timeframe. And backing a primary winner, regardless how much you despised her…that’s a requirement.

    Who lost here? I can’t for the life of me figure out how the party is worse off.

    The leaking anons who fed Abdul his information, they lost, because they were (mostly) wrong.

    But as Harry Truman once observed: “I belong to no organized political party–I am a Democrat.”

    At the end of the day–we could have Michael Steele as our chairman. Yikes.

  • Rico

    You’re right, Think Again. Your party has Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Chris Dodd, Barney Fwank, Al Franken, Robert ‘KKK’ Byrd, etc, etc, etc…….

    What a fine group of folks!

    What’s the matter with Steele? Not black enough for ya?

  • Think Again

    Oh, Rico, if only you could pull your tongue from your cheek.

    I hope Steele stays in place for decades. He’s hilarious. My brother lives in Maryland, and they’ve known for quite some time that he’s ineffective. Now we all do. He wanted to be chairman of the party that can’t shoot straight. Now he is. Yeah, that Bush legacy is sure something to defend, huh?

    I’m no Robert Byrd fan, either. He shoulda left 30 years ago. But Speaker Pelosi beats the hell outta lardass Hastert or Newt.

    And Al Franken is the new senator from Minnesota–fair and square. Who’d have thunk?

  • Disgusted Demo

    Why do Hoosier Dems still allow Evan Bayh run on the Democratic ticket? He is more republican than ever and is throwing all kinds of roadblocks in the way of President Obama. Obama did carry Indiana and Bayh seems not to realize that. I think perhaps Bayh is like the small child who loses a game and then takes his ball and goes home. Bayh put all of his marbles with Hillary and when she didn’t get the nomination, he was left out in the cold. She barely carried Indiana with Bayh twisting arms for months in advance of that. Evan Bayh is becoming Joe Lieberman of the midwest………

  • Think Again

    Disgusted Demo–your true party affiliation is probably not Dem, but for the sake of argument, here’s another view:

    Evan twisted no arms in Indiana for Hillary. I can line up hundreds of his longtime supporters, who will tell you he mailed not one letter, made no calls, or broke any arms for her. He supported her as a calculated political gamble, and he liked her. He also liked his neighbor, Obama.

    Which is why two of his most-trusted allies, Kip Tew (Obama) and Joe Hogsett (Hillary) ran their Indiana campaigns. He had both candidates surrounded, and all eventualities “covered.” Yeah, he’s a real dummy, that Evan Bayh fella.

    He votes how he sees it. He thinks the current budget is out of control, and he opposes the rising deficit.

    Seems to me that’s exactly how he governed, even when his friends lobbied him for pet projects when he was governor.

    Lighten up. We could have worse representation. Folks in Dan Burton’s district do.

    It’s Thursday, and that means it’s Woody’s turn to use the Burton peabrain.

  • Rico

    Nothing tongue in cheek about my last post. I merely pointed out how little character matters to your party these days.
    Pelosi is as big an embarrassment as this nation has seen. Having said that, it doesn’t surprise me you’re a fan.
    Simply stated, you are a bitter partisan. You assail Sarah Palin on this blog for some verbal missteps she made during the campaign, yet overlook how incredibly stupid our Speaker looks every time she opens her hideous, botox-injected face to spew her nonsense. Or do you just hate attractive women? Now that makes sense!

    Oh, and what did you think of our president making his Special Olympics joke on Jay Leno tonight? What an amateur.

  • KC

    Chief Justice Roberts has a petition with 325,000 signatures requesting proof of Barry Soetoro’s “natural born citizenship” to be president of the USA. He was challenged publically at a university forum to uphold the U.S. Constitution. He has consented review the matter.

  • Think Again

    Rico, this might shock you, but my niece is a Special Olympics athlete, and my president’s remarks last night broke my heart. Truly insensitive. He does, however, mirror an overwhelming majority of society on that particular “joke.” He was called on it, he apologized, and we can all move on.

    I waited for six years for George W. Bush to apologize for lying to us about WMD and a reason to invade Iraq. Where my niece’s father was injured on his third tour last year.

    And to apologize for choosing a VP who was a war-mongering neocon gun-toting idealogue. WHo thought his duties surpassed Constitutonal authority. Still waiting.

    And as for apologies–the formr Veep owes America an apology for continuign to forward the oft-disproved theory that America is “more safe” because of his intervention on alleged terror activities, and the subversion of our Constitution. It’s a wonderful document–you really oughta study it.

    You’re dead wrong about the Speaker. Clearly, you need to resort to personal appearance jabs. Which is juvenile. How about Speaker Newt’s character–leaving the deathbed of his cancer-ridden wife, for the arms of another woman? Classy, huh? Gimme Nancy any day.

    I railed against Sarah Palin because she’s a dope. Attractive? Honestly, quite unlike you, I pay little attention to the physical appearance of our political leaders. I listen to their words.

    Sarah’s were too mono-syllabic and her thought process equally lame. Intellectually unchallenged. Thank God she’s never gonna advance beyond her current station in life.

    That said, I do wish her daughter and new grandchild well. They deserve peace.

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