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Still Waiting

A couple weeks ago, I wrote the following column which appeared in the Indianapolis Recorder.  I issued a friendly challenge to AM 1310’s Amos Brown to debate the merits of Kernan-Shepard and township government and its impact on the African-American Community.  Amos still hasn’t gotten back to me yet, but if he takes me up my offer  I’ll be sure to let you know.  It would be a fun debate.

As you and your family sit down and try to figure out how to make ends meet in one of the worst economies in the last 60 years, picture this.

Picture a school district in Southern Indiana where the school board voted to give itself the same taxpayer-funded health insurance its teachers and administrators.

Picture a Mayor of one of the largest cities in Northern Indiana driving to Indianapolis in a taxpayer-funded Hummer H3 to tell state lawmakers his city is strapped for cash and it needs to increase its property taxes so businesses can pay more.

Picture a Central Indiana township trustee who spends more than $2.50 to administer every $1 of poor relief.

Do you see the big picture?

This is the government you are paying for and this is the government my counterpart Amos Brown is defending.

In his December 31 “Just Tellin It” column, Mr. Brown all but equated efforts to reform local government and make it more efficient as an effort to eliminate black-elected officials in Indiana and bring back Jim Crow.   In the immortal words of Public Enemy, “Don’t Believe the Hype.”

Government restructuring and reorganization is not about black politicians, but the money in black people’s (and ever other Hoosiers’) pockets. Indiana has more government per capita than the state of New York.  It has more counties than the state of California.  It has two-percent of the nation’s population, but eight percent of all the local officials.  Also the number of elected officials would fill up half of Conseco Field House.   

You, like a lot of us, are probably concerned about this economy and your finances, do really want to pay for more government than you need?  Depending on how you do the math there are anywhere from 40 to 66 taxing districts in Marion County capable of reaching into your pocket and taking your cash.  You’re even still paying for government that doesn’t exist anymore.  The former township assessors of Marion County will each get $54,000 in salary over the next two years, even though the taxpayers voted to eliminate their positions.   

In the long run, less government eventually translates into more money in your pocket. In the short run there is more accountability.  Part of the problem with this past year’s property taxes was that there was no accountability.  There were so many fingers being pointed in so many different directions it looked like an octopus with its tentacles tied up in knots.

Mr. Brown’s positions on Kernan-Shepard are wrong and do a disservice to the African-American community he purports to inform.  Reforming government is about protecting taxpayers, not politicians. Less government means more accountability and eventually more money in your pocket, period. 

Now should Mr. Brown wish to engage in a public debate over government reform and have the Recorder as the sponsor, I am more than willing to accept that challenge.  All we would need to agree upon is a time and place.   Heck, we could probably sell more tickets than an Ali/Frazier match. 

But in the interim, I suggest you read the Kernan-Shepard report for yourself and get the real facts and then ask yourself this question.  Who should keep more of the money you work for, the government or you?

I’ll pick you any day.


  • Daw-g

    Wow! Did Amos Brown really equate reducing government to attempts to bring back jim crow? I thought Amos more intelligent and sophisticated for that type of BS demagoguery.
    I thought he came a long way since his “operation breadbasket” days.

  • patriot paul

    If Mr. Brown, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh cater to a racially biased audience, that’s ok with me. And if the kkk can pay for airtime for its hate speech, no problem. Dependency on fear and fear mongering holds a captive audience whether radio commentators or politicians. It works. The debate might be interesting but overall worthless. The mindsets of Jeremiah Wright abound in Indy and the first to scream if the public money trough is threatened, including the millions from the anti-crime handouts and the black expo. Nothing more than a payoff to birdies from chirping too loudly.

  • Taxpayer 834512

    And, you didn’t even get to WTB’s 69% raise.

  • streetfighter

    Don’t hold your breath. They never want to debate in the arena of ideas-besides it means a loss of power, including for Mr. Brown who makes a career keeping division between the races.

  • Think Again

    I’d pay to see that debate.

    Amos has done much good for this community, but he’s become a one-tune wonder. He sees racism everywhere.

    I understand why. He’s been right in the past.

    On this one, he’s wrong. But, he protects his news sources. You do it too, Abdul…you hardly ever call out the folks who regularly appear on your show.

  • Abdul Hakim-Shabazz

    He can protect his and I can protect mine, so let’s have the public debate and a little fun on the side.

  • Think Again

    Protectionism be damned! Debate! We want a debate!

    My money is on you.

  • Rob

    Unfortunately, black leaders have gotten by for years without having to justify their positions. You’ll never hear from Amos because, unlike white civic leaders, his position will be carried by the media without scrutiny. While that may serve individual black civic leaders, this practice has harmed black communities.

  • Flipper

    Lets put some pressure on Amos to respond to Abdul.

    You can E-mail him at this link.


  • Nick

    Abdul, Glad to see you are part of the Bill Cosby and Juan Williams movement.

  • Nick

    Amos is a follower of Jesse Jackson’s old school.

    You were right when you attributed Jesse’s crying on Obama’s election night to sorrow over the demise of his shake down organization.

  • http://hoosiersforfairtaxation.blogspot.com/2008/10/voter-fraud-obamas-acorn-supporters.html Melyssa

    I’d pay $10 to watch that smack down.

  • http://hoosiersforfairtaxation.blogspot.com/2008/10/voter-fraud-obamas-acorn-supporters.html Melyssa

    Greetings Amos & Abdul,

    I heard about the challenge from Abdul to debate Amos Brown regarding consolidation. I think you guys should go for it. You both are pretty evenly matched, except that Amos has been in broadcasting / journalism longer in Indy and might have a slight advantage.

    Anyway, have that public debate and charge for tickets. I’m putting the request out there publicly on the HFFT blog and elsewhere. Surely neither of you are afraid of such a challenge.

    Charge $10 to attend and give the money to the winner’s charity pick. Let the audience pick the winner I would definitely be there and help sell tickets!

    Best Regards,
    Melyssa Donaghy, editor

  • Taxpayer 834512

    I’m in for $10. Pick a common charity.

  • http://hoosiersforfairtaxation.blogspot.com/2008/10/voter-fraud-obamas-acorn-supporters.html Melyssa

    Sean Shepard volunteered to moderate and suggest Wagner and Gillespie as panelists.

  • Dave

    It’s no contest & Mr. Brown won’t risk that revelation. However, should AB find it within himself to accept the challenge, Gleaners food bank would surely appreciate the proceeds.

  • Taxpayer 834512

    From debate on this blog, I think Mr. Brown could get some formidable intellectual horsepower to buttress his side of the argument (if he cared to). I don’t believe this to be anybody’s slam dunk & sounds damn entertaining.

  • pascal

    Listened to Tony Dungy on Rush yesterday,he was also on Dennis Miller and then Letterman. He has a new book out. He noted to Rush that 19% males graduate from IPS. So, you don’t have to look elsewhere to see billions down the drain. That is, you need to count the social cost that comes from government school failure along with the out of pocket costs of running a day care facility. Dungy has had success. Name a school superintendent in Indiana who ever had similar success. Can’t do it-they have lied for decades about their graduation rates. All of them. In IPS,then, 81% find it of little or no value, that is, the prisioners of IPS find it so. That, in voting terms, is a landslide. The money wasted in government schools with similar results overwhelms anything the fiscal fool, Kernan, has ever measured. He never did anything about the wastes when he had the big boy seat, did he?

  • http://hoosiersforfairtaxation.blogspot.com/2008/10/voter-fraud-obamas-acorn-supporters.html Melyssa

    Pascal? May I please repost the comment above over at HFFT? I did not see that interview and I believe this information needs to be more widely known.

  • http://hoosiersforfairtaxation.blogspot.com/2008/10/voter-fraud-obamas-acorn-supporters.html Melyssa

    The Indiana War Memorial is the fitting venue.

  • Robert-NW Side

    I think we need to start over.

    Article 1, Section 1. WE DECLARE, That all people are created equal; that they are endowed by their CREATOR with certain inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; that all power is inherent in the people; and that all free governments are, and of right ought to be, founded on their authority, and instituted for their peace, safety, and well-being. For the advancement of these ends, the people have, at all times, an indefeasible right to alter and reform their government.

  • patriot paul

    To Pascal:
    I like the way you cut to the chase. 2 thumbs up!

  • Taxpayer 834512

    A lifetime supply of sugar cream pie and free parking for Pascal! If we don’t “cut to the chase” on education’s upstream issues of single-parenting-as-lifestyle-choice, educational overhead, and immigration reform based on ‘citizens first’, you can continue to “count the social cost that comes from government school failure”.
    It’s called a dysfunctional detachment from reality. Our present economic plight is the result. Which path do we want?