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Do You Trust This Trustee?

I scribbled yesterday how Center Township Trustee Carl Drummer is leaving, but some how I’m thinking the wrong Trustee is stepping down.

I found out yesterday that Wayne Township Trustee David “King” Baird has had some “interesting” expenditures as of late.  For example…

  • The Trustee’s office spent $10,000 at a west side “weight loss and motivation clinic.”
  • The Trustee also spent $750 a month advertising poor relief services in a west side newspaper.  Don’t you think that $750 would have been better spent on poor relief?
  • The Trustee also spent $100,000 on “accounting services.”  That number was $12,000 under the previous Trustee.

The sad part is Wayne Township is about to be dealt some major financial blows.  The new airport entrance is now in Hendricks County, taking cash off the tax rolls.  The number of foreclosed homes and declining home values will soon hit the property tax coffers.  And not to mention the property tax caps.  But someone thought spending $10,000 at a weight-loss clinic was a good idea.  Maybe it’s time the “King” of Wayne Township was overthrown.

  • StatlerNWaldorf

    Ummmm……the entrance to the new terminal is NOT in Hendricks County. It is in Decatur Township. Also, the terminal now lies in Decatur Township, so Decatur Fire is the primary ambulance to respond to the terminal.

  • http://hoosiersforfairtaxation.blogspot.com/2008/10/voter-fraud-obamas-acorn-supporters.html Melyssa

    Trace the relationship of the accountant to the Trustee.

  • Disgusted Voter

    David Baird pays his brother $78,000 a year to do what? This is typical of the type of people the Democrat Party in Marion County supports and elect to office. These people waste tax dollars because their is no accountability to their uninformed voters. Most of their hand-picked candidates have no skills or professions to speak of prior to running for office. Most make a career and living from the taxpayers. If they were not in an elected office, who would hire them? They would be unemployed.

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  • http://edangleton@edangleton.com Ed

    Maybe the weight loss seminar was targeted at cutting the “fat” out of his budget. On second thought, nah.

  • patriot paul

    Sort of takes the ‘trust’ out of trustee. And the fact that you scooped this info is another sad commentary on an increased newstand price of 75 cents for a dime thin Star newspaper that has more obituaries than investigative reporting. Two thumbs up for the info…

  • Greg

    Lets see here. Washington Township, Center Township, and now Wayne Township. Please dont tell me these are all part of the democrat political machine. That would not make any sense. They are the party of the people.

  • KC

    Greg, Don’t forget Lawrence Township with Mike Hobbs soliciting money from the fire department and paid his personal rent with the check.

  • Concerned Taxpayer & Citizen

    Baird’s comp package is over $113,000 a year. His brother’s is over $111,000 a year.

    Plus they both have unlimited use take-home cars paid for by the fire department.

    I also understand they DO NOT have to claim any value from the use of the vehicles with the IRS like city employees do.

  • http://none Mauri

    Why am I not surprised ?? The same thing is going on in the state legislature – double dipping, payoffs, etc.. Why can’t we enforce article 2 section 9 of the Indiana Constitution and reform our legislature. Maybe then the business of the people will be done for the people.

  • Think Again

    Greg: then there’s Becky’s Township, I think it is Franklin…where she trumpeted the powers and wonders of township governmemnt, statewide, as president of some association advocating the townships…while on the township taxpayer dole. I heard it with my own ears, a dozen times or more, on Abdul’s show.

    Or the witless deputy mayor who’s gotten jobs for his family, all the while speaking in some unearthly form of language understood only by those who hear dog whistles.

    And countless other Republican examples.

    Neither party owns these messes, and neither is immune. Power comes through elected offices. We have too many of them. They’re bound to pass back and forth between parties at one time or another. Off with all their heads. Reduce the size of government. Rinse. Repeat as necessary (often).

    When it comes to layers of govt., I’m more than ready to start throwing out some babies wiht the bathwater. The babies will get quickly gobbled up, taken care of, and we’ll be rid of the rancid water.

  • Greg

    T.A. You write with reason and I am with you. I am so sick of the whole mess. I guess that I just attack any partIy in power. Someone, somewhere will need to have the courage and integrity to begin to clean up this mess. If not, the people will, and it will get ugly. Our current Mayor missed a huge opportunity. I for one would love to see a complete new group, inencombered by the past, to deal with issues, even at the risk of screwing things up. Can it be any worse than the dishonesty that we have today? At least at the end of chaos, we might breath fresh air.