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In case you were wondering how much of a big deal this primary was going to be check out some of these facts from the Marion County Clerk’s Office.

More than 7,900 absentee ballots were mailed out and more than 6,700 returned. That’s an 85-percent return rate.

More than 8,800 people have come into the Clerk’s Office to vote since early voting began on April 7.

Including the traveling board, more than 16,000 absentee ballots have been cast and 75-percent of those pulled a Democratic ballot.

Statewide, more than 143,000 Democratic absentee ballots have been requested; 44,000 for Republicans.  That number comes from Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita.
Tomorrow is going to be fun.

  • schoolboardgreg

    Abdul, how does this scam work?

  • IndyErnie

    Sounds like 25 to 30% of the republicans are crossing over. very interesting.

  • Welson

    Go Woody go!!!!!!!

  • Dems make it happen

    Vote Carolene Mays for Congress. She’s the most qualified candidate. Most importantly, she truly cares about what happens to our communities. She’s worked hard in the legislature on our behalf and I know she will do the same from Washington D.C.

  • anonymous

    Dems make it happen, I would love to vote for Carolene, but I am not a racist and I am tired of being a racist. The Recorder does nothing but put down white people and that is wrong. Can’t vote for her.

    Go Woody.

  • Dave

    It’s time to send incumbents packing in today’s primary election; some of whom I’ve always voted for and like as neighbors, but no longer want as elected representatives. In addition to the three candidates mentioned below and earlier emails.

    If you’re in Washington Township, please consider Franklin & Werner (last names, vote two only) for the school board (endorsed by Citizens For Education, they have a website you can locate by search engine). They are taxpayer centered candidates who favor child development over real estate development & understand that parents will choose to live in an area they can afford.

    Below are three good candidates with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working and ask you to consider. All three are in favor of leading Indiana forward and eliminating property taxes (Update: note that the state of AZ has suspended property taxes for 2 years, which legislators within recent weeks proposed a bill for permanent elimination that reached their Governor’s desk but she vetoed. With many states looking now at this idea, it’s a matter of when not if, the first state moves to repeal and replace it with a modern, transaction based, collection method like sales tax).

    1) Our fellow activist Abu Henderson is running as the heavyweight in 98 (house district long held by ways & means chairman Bill Crawford). Out with the old and in with Abu! You’ll remember that Abut was the gentleman who informed his own party the city council about Council member Patrice Abdullah’s disqualification for public office related to his residency. Read more about Abu at Abuhenderson.blogspot.com

    2) Founder of the Indiana Voter’s League, Ken Morgan and his wife Laura were instrumental in getting the word out about candidate now Mayor Ballard. Ken is running for Senate District #30 held by incumbent Theresa Lubbers for nearly 16 years. Learn more about Captain Morgan (yes he served his country) by visiting votekenmorgan.com and find out what he has to say about open process and “deliberative democracy.”

    3) Ken Geesaman is running for Senate District #20 held by long time incumbent Luke Kenley, chairman of the Tax & Fiscal Policy Committee. Check out Ken’s website kenforsenator.com to see what he means when he says that he’s “for tax payers not tax spenders.”

  • Libertarian for DST

    Dave – AZ suspended the state portion of the property tax bill – not property taxes. Local property taxes have not been suspended and (like most states) make up the bulk of the tax burden. Indiana just eliminated (not suspended) the last remnants of the state portion of the property tax bill – our state portion was exceptionally small (smaller than AZ’s) – but the additional (and in theory at least permanent) education and welfare funding shift away from property taxes is more significant than AZ’s suspension.

  • statlernwaldorf

    Ahhhh….operation chaos shows up in Indiana