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Here’s some food for thought.  I’m running into more and more people who tell me that if Barack Obama becomes the Democratic nominee for President they will vote for him, but also vote for Mitch Daniels for Governor.  What do you make of it?

  • varangianguard

    I see crazy people.

    Um, you don’t happen to be running into these people while standing around downtown streetcorners, are you?

    Really, you must be running into a lot of “true conservatives”. They feel (been told by nationally syndicated radioheads) that McCain betrays their own personal agendas. Yet, they continue to wear blinders when it comes to Governor Daniels (because the Governor isn’t news for nationally syndicated radioheads).

  • MissouriDemocrat

    Honestly other than his conservative family values which to me is a catch-all phrase for the right wing, I have no complaints about the job Mr. Daniels is doing or has done as Governor. I do think he needs to wear a tie more often, I prefer he bathe regularly and riding his Harley is ok too. I like to think in this experience called republican government (not the party, the ideology) it is nice that our leaders are part of the people.

    Any other way would have meant crowning Geo Washington King which he didn’t want and I don’t think we would have lasted as long anyway were that to have happened.

    Mitch has good intentions, good insight, a strong fiscal sense, etc. Jill and Jim well who knows what they have. One failed congressman, one successful businessman. The thing is, I suppose Jim is wealthy enough to just take a few years off being a productive employee to be governor, but her?

  • Taxpayer 834512

    USA = country faltering – HEELLLP!
    Indiana = relative success

  • Tired of MD

    MD You need to either move back to Misery or get informed if you are going to continue to comment…JLT, PhD, WON 3 US Rep terms, then lost (which is OK) and then was an Under Sec of Ag for years, while running a for-profit farm as she still does. BTW, are you really a D if you are making comments like this?

    As for Mitch…. Dude, you and he both need to get a life.

    Finally, do you bathe regularly?

  • Anonymous

    I am hearing the same thing.

  • http://infredheads.blogspot.com Joel

    Actually we have a long tradition of splitting our vote. We overwhelmingly voted for Bush in 2000, but also elected O’Bannon. In 2004 we again voted for Bush and Bayh.

    Indiana has a requirement for straight party options on the ballots, but it doesn’t seem to effect elections the way you would think.

  • MissouriDemocrat

    Funny how we democrats crucify people having different opinions than the party line. I thought I heard Rush say that very thing on the radio today and I disagreed. Then here I read he might have been right. Hell has froze over!

  • Rick

    It tells me, Abdul, how ignorant some voters can be. The two men are night and day. One believes in the free-market and small government (Daniels), and the other is a big government socialist. As you said on your show this morning, “…people vote for who they like.” That is, ignorant people vote for who they like, rather than what’s best for the nation. John McCain is not liked by me, but is clearly the best choice of the three. Citizens should be required to take a civics test before they earn the right to vote. If they were, cities like Indy wouldn’t have to endure folks like the Carsons.
    Oh, and by the way, I hope the Post Office branch on MLK Blvd. is named for Julia. It can be a monument to underachievers everywhere.

  • Taxpayer 834512

    Mizzou Dem, maybe you’re in the other dugout a couple of ways, but I think you’re more concerned about a fair game for all vs one side or the other has to win. And, lousy hitters are lousy hitters regardless of uniform.

  • MissouriDemocrat

    I never was good at sports.

  • MissouriDemocrat

    And, when I was working for a Democratic Governor of Missouri I was as partisan and nasty as the best of the democrats. I have mellowed in my old age and when Paul and I were on the road to Damascus, I got hit by some light…. so now I see more clearly that neither party has a lock on right or wrong.

  • Buzzy Whitlow

    What I make of it is that most voters are basically stupid.

  • Democan

    What it means is as many have predicted, the end of the Indiana Democratic Party as we now know it and: RIP!!

  • Short stop

    Abdul, you’re right!

    Mitch Daniels connected with the people throughout the state and is perceived as being “cool” by black people and subsequently Obama supporters.

    Gov. Daniels traveled around in an RV for over a year, visiting small communities and farms,camping out in small spare bedrooms of ordinary people in THEIR environments. He knows what we really need because he saw it for himself. He made ‘tough’ unpopular decision, that’s what good Gov’s do.

    The other candidates? We don’t need to know very much about them, they need to know more about US.

  • Have Mercy

    O.k., genious Joel. Once again, do you use your office computer to blog? What else are you looking at?

  • Indiana Barrister

    jladd – please please please start using the same name when you post comments. I get an email everyday to approve your comments because you use a different nickname every time. Thanks!

  • Lamont

    In my opinion, it’s simple. People want something different. Mitch Daniels, like him or love him, has definately brought change to the state and Obama would DEFINATELY bring change to the white house on SOOO many levels.

    Go Obama!!!

  • Jerry

    Yeah change like higher taxes, national healthcare and global warming taxes which will kill the economy, taking money away from successfull companies, talking to terrorists and socialist leaders, wimpy defense, and much much more! That is change so SOOO many levels!

  • Really

    Easy correlation between the two. Obama promises nothing. Daniels does nothing. Hey at least were consistent with our votes (as bad as they may be).