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The controversy over the auction of RCA Dome items just got a “little” bigger.  Paul Ogden, the attorney who filed the suit to keep the proceeds from the auction in the hands of the taxpayers, told me this morning there is an issue of whether the Capital Improvement Board even took a formal vote to dispose of the memorabilia?  The Indianapolis Colts Foundation and the Indiana Sports Corporation are keeping the proceeds from the auction.

The Ballard administration says the decision was made by the Peterson administration to give the charities the proceeds.  Former Peterson administration officials say the decision was made by the Ballard administration.  If you take both sides at their word, then neither approved the sale, which means taxpayer property is being sold and the profits are going to private entities and no formal vote was taken.  That can’t be good and it’s probably illegal.

  • Taxpayer 834512

    They’re selling items from a taxpayer-paid stadium that’s not yet paid-off, and the taxpayers don’t get the sales applied to what’s owed? Why not just take money directly from our wallets and burn it in front of us?

  • Zappatista

    What else is to be expected in this land of milk and honey? M n’H for da rich! This is a total joke. I believe it is important for a metropolitan area to have professional sports, but at what cost? Anyone want to take an over/under on how many years it takes for Irsay and Co. to threaten another move?

  • Shorebreak

    Taxpayer 834512,
    They don’t need to take our money from our wallets. They’ve ALREADY taken our money. Now the a-holes are giving it away.
    I call this “theft by deception”.

  • Grover

    Hmmmm, Abdul. Perhaps you can make this as high of a priority as you did the Teachers Union situation. Doubt it though. This would affect the “Haves” of the city (Irsays, or Simons) over the “Have-Nots”. Last thing one wants to do is piss off the upper crust of Indy, right?

    They have done so much for us; not have to pay their share of taxes, and having buildings build for them and all.

  • Citizen

    This controversy aside, has anyone in the media asked how much Lucas Oil Stadium will cost lately considering all the cost overruns?

    What will be left for the Convention Center expansion which was used to justify building the new Stadium?

    How far off was the original proposal to the reality of today?

    If I recall correctly, the budget for both projects was originally going to be split 50/50 but has slipped to at least 80/20 leaving ICVA wondering if they have enough money to complete their scaled back expansion.

  • http://www.hoosiersforfairtaxation.com Melyssa

    I surely hope to God that Mayor Ballard does not think it is acceptable to giveaway the People’s assets to a sports organization and that he takes action immediately to stop this train. The taxpayers built the dome and those proceeds are rightfully ours.

  • Anonymous

    I am sure this was one deal done before January 1, 2008 (much like the Sheriff’s increase in pay)….under the table and radar. I take Ballard at his word that his administration didnt approve it. Bart’s administration, however, has a record of known lies. Still, it proves how apathetic the tax paying public REALLY is…depending on the media to investigate, rather than taking it upon themselves. Typical of our entitlement generations we have created.

  • MissouriDemocrat

    Mely I have lost faith that Mayor Ballard has an understanding of how to govern. A REAL LEADER would have read this report in the paper, called the appropriate officials at the CIB in for coffee and donuts and promptly fired them. Then held a new conference telling the city what and why he took this action. Then he would have ordered HIS Police Chief to impound the entire Dome and it would be over in about 2 hours.

  • Taxpayer 834512

    I like the guy. I voted for the guy. But, I think more than the murky justification for pursing the Super Bowl or needing an “ethical screen” for Bob Grand, this issue is the litmus for why I thought we elected Ballard. Maybe this wasn’t approved on his watch, but it darn sure should be torpedoed on his watch, or a sincere explanation why it can’t.

  • Bart Flies

    Other things Ballard has blamed on Bart:

    *Global warming,
    *global chillin’,
    *internet porn,
    *heat (even though that’s all Heat Miser, baby),
    *snow (likewise, Cold Miser),
    *dead of night,
    *the San Andreas Fault,
    *immigration (and I mean all of it- going back to the 1400s),
    *the Exxon Valdez,
    *Eliot Spitzer,
    *rivers turning into blood,
    *the dead battery in his remote,
    *George Bush,
    *Men who have “wide stances,”
    *the lost colony of Roanoke,
    *Jefferson Starship,
    *Roselyn Bakery going out of business,
    *the DeLorean,
    *the faulty DeLorean that sent Marty back to 1955,
    *Britney & KFed,
    *The Monkees
    *Bad cholesterol,
    *Watergate, Travel-gate, Spy-gate,
    *Ron Paul AND Dennis Kucinich,
    *PC Load Letter,
    *Good cholesterol,
    *The breakdown of the modern American family unit,
    *George Bush,
    *the fact that Pluto is no longer an official planet,
    *carpetbaggers, muckrakers & polliwogs,
    *the tenuous hold on democracy in Crhfanizistan (ok- I made that up),
    *the Country Music Awards,
    *Tom Brady
    *the 1841 flu bug that claimed the life of President William Henry Harrison, AND
    *the agony-of-defeat skier who really, really, really wiped out every week at the beginning of Wide World or Sports.

  • varangianguard

    The only thing I blame former Mayor Peterson for is putting John Dillon next in the line of succession to be Mayor.

    Stupid decision-making in his final term. Oh wait, that’s the reason he lost the election.

  • Proud Indy Resident

    Nice try, Mayor.

    This has nothing to do with the Peterson administration. When are they going to stop blaming someone else??

    He should just be a man and take responsibility for the job he wanted so badly.

  • StatlerNWaldorf

    Why are posts such a the one by “Bart Flies” allowed to be posted here?

    Anyway, the moment that the lawsuit was filed was the moment that Mayor Ballard was unable to do anything about the CIB.

  • Greg

    It is really disappointing to hear the new Mayor say that it was not his decision. He is in the big chair now. He may not have made that decision, but he sure as hell could stop the crazy scam that is being put upon the taxpayers. This is why he was elected. He is showing that he has no more courage than Peterson had. Shameful in my opinion. A real leader would have seen this situation and immediately said: “stop this crap. It is public money and will be used to offset taxes”.
    Mr. Mayor, stop blaming others and take charge. I could just see a new CEO coming into an organization and saying “oh, that expense was approved by the old CEO.” Not a chance. Man up, Marine. Lead.

  • Robert-NW Side

    Uh, Abdul…since when has ANYONE in government been concerned with following rules?

  • http://none Mauri

    I think Mayor Ballard went into office “pristine” if there is such a thing. But our convoluted and unethical two party system will corrupt the most honest and well meaning person in a heartbeat.