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The Indianapolis Star this morning has a long-piece on  7th District Congressional candidate Andre Carson and the fact that he is a Muslim.  There has been a lot of speculation about what kind of Muslim Carson actually is, especially since Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan spoke at the late Julia Carson’s funeral.

As much as some people would like to think, Carson is not a Nation of Islam guy.  You will not see him selling bean pies and Final Call newspapers at 38th & Keystone in a wool suit and wearing a bow tie.  (If you know what a bean pie is this line is even funnier.)  Carson is at best more in the mold of Wallace D. Muhammad, which incorporates a more orthodox less political version of Islam.

I can speak to all this because I was born a Muslim.  My parents converted in the 1960s before I was born and so I inherited it.  I’m not the most practicing follower; I love Scotch, cigars and a good bacon cheeseburger.  But I do understand the difference between the various sects and divisions.

To not vote for Carson because he is a Muslim is the same as not voting for Mitt Romney because he was a Mormon.   The founding fathers were pretty sharp guys with not wanting a religious test for anyone to hold public office.  To solely judge an individual based on their faith is a bad idea.  Religion can gives us an idea about the candidate, but it is just a facet. 

It is their position on issues and the leadership they can provide that should be the true test of whether they are worthy of your vote.

  • Think Again

    A-men, Abdul. Oops, sorry for the holy reference.

    Andre answered all my questions about Farrakhan in the newspaper article today. If his story is to be believed, I will not vote against him because of his religion.

    I will vote against him, and for another candidate, because Andre’s the least-qualified candidate. His religion is irrelevant.

    Gotta run…my rent check to grandma is due today.

  • Adam Longworth

    I don’t personally have a problem with a person’s religion–that’s their business. What I do have a problem with is the endorsement of Andre by L Farrakhan (sp). I don’t necessarily buy the idea that it was at Julia’s behest either–I was under the impression that she was a christian and had no ties to either the man or the religion….

  • Against Racial Hatred

    Let’s face it, NOI is a militant black separatist organization, that also hates whites/Jewish/gays…and many more.

    Religion? -I’m not convinced it is a religion any more than the KKK.

    This country was founded on a principle that “All men are created equal.” I cannot support a racist for any elected office. It is unconscionable.

  • MissouriDemocrat

    I never use religion as a litmus test for a candidate. In watching the televised discussion of the candidates Andre kept saying look at my record and I kept thinking what record. Is this the record that Granny got you a job due to political connections over other more qualified candidates and your personnel file is locked over at the prosecutors office that would prove that? Is this the record that the committee appointed you to your current office and you ran unopposed and that in the one month you were on during 2007 you didn’t do anything significant because it was a holiday and there were no relevent things to vote on you could author? Is this the record that you got your current job due to Granny’s influence and the mere fact you were on the CCC and could influence things in favor or your employer? What record is it you speak of Andre? I am a good democrat that is totally turned off with the “Send my seed” mentality. I might have supported you had Granny’s deathbed call not been publicized. I might have considered you more relevant as a candidate if you were Granny’s cousin rather than grandson. I might have considered you if you had personally stood in the line that moves willing politically interested people along toward a candidacy like others who preceded you. Those things not being a fact, I a loyal democrat donated my first buck to a republican. And, I urge everyone I know to vote against my party because it is in the interests of the people of Indianapolis. It is a sad day that the democratic party has chosen you Andre, sad indeed that they look to you as the sole person qualified among 1 million of us in Indy to serve in Congress.

  • http://www.HoosiersForFairTaxation.com Hoosiers For Fair Taxation

    Carson wants us to look at his record? What record? He graduated next to last in his law enforcement training!

    I cannot get over the fact that he accepted a position with Cripe Architects, who earns money from municipal contracts, just days after accepting appointment to city council.

    Andre Carson CAN be bought. It seems that the national Democrats know that too.

  • Rick

    I have a great deal of respect for you, Abdul. I was born Catholic(well, technically, it was a few days past birth when I was baptised), yet don’t consider myself a Catholic because I do not adhere to the doctrines of the Catholic Church. You call yourself a Muslim, yet readily admit you aren’t ‘practicing’. I submit to you that your life would be in danger if you behaved as you do while living in a Muslim nation.

    The intolerance demonstrated by Muslims worldwide is what leads to American angst. There is no ‘moderate’ Muslim voice out there condemning the daily slaughter of innocents by ‘radical’ Muslims. The myth that Islam is a religion of piece is perpetuated by the media and our own elected officials (including President Bush)out of fear for the consequences of speaking the truth.
    In a perfect world, one’s religion should not be the reason to vote for or against a candidate. But this world is far from perfect, and there is a very real threat out there.

    This nation was founded on Judeo-Christian values. A candidate placing his hand on the Koran to take an oath of office evokes in some a very well-founded fear.

  • Jon G

    How does a person with Carsons education and work background get him a job as a “marketing specialist.” Obviously the timing and who hired him poses a lot of questions about integrity etc. As “Hoosiers For Fair Taxation” said Carson can be bought, or is he just so used to be handed jobs that he couldn’t get one on his own. And as for his record speaking for him. If I were him I wouldn’t play that card…… what record?……. His freeloading?


  • Jon G

    Sorry I didn’t mean ‘get him a job’ but ‘get a job.’

  • Wilson46201

    André Carson has a Masters of Business Management degree which sure helps when job-seeking!

  • Democan

    When Carson speaks publicly about his relationship with the Nation of Islam (and I believe there is a relationship) then I will consider supporting him. I want to know which basic points of the NoI he disagrees with. I find it peculiar that the “Nation” would go out of its way to attend his grandmother’s funeral if there wasn’t a link. I don’t want any kind of a racist to hold a public office.

  • Wilson46201

    Democan (if indeed that is your real name) check out todays article in the Star:

  • StatlernWaldorf

    I don’t care what religion he is. He is a Carson. He will be a Carson when he takes office (because, face it, we all know he will). He follows the Carson Creedo.

  • Wilson46201

    Dear Motel8nHolidayInn:
    The voters of the 7th District approved Julia Carson regularly in elections — they too will indeed also support her grandson, André Carson!

  • MissouriDemocrat

    Mr. Wilson46201 Andre has a mail order degree by any means of consideration. Having a Marketing Specialist position in no way makes him understand the company, its sales or product offerings, etc. You will never admit that the Carson machine is the most corrupt of all political machines in this state. We all should just roll over dead and vote for your choice. Thats called communism.

  • Wilson46201

    Communism? Dude: that kind of McCarthyite red-baiting crap died out years ago. Can’t you at least get up to date with your political namecalling? Sheeesh!!!

  • Fed up

    Is Andre Carson Endorsed by Light of the World, Eastern Star or that other mega church on the Westside.

  • Tim Dugan

    Since there are a few race issues in some of these comments I feel compelled to accuse you of discrimination against a glass of people here in Indianapolis.
    The American Redneck!
    You always have your Coctail’s and Conversations at fancy establishments with fine wine and expensive cigars. Whats wrong with having one of your get togethers at one of our smoking establishes on the south side of Indy
    ( Wanamaker area )with beer and cheap cigars?
    We even have free parking even though lot isn’t paved yet. You know we are the original American settlers and we even invented NASCAR.
    Non Athletic Sport Centered Around Rednecks.
    And on your program this morning you were whining about having to take a couple shop classes in high school! How the He!! are u gonna ever learn how to hitch up a tractor?
    I have a perfect establishment to challenge you to a Coctail’s and Conversation evening. It is called the Goldmine Tavern. It is between Five Points Road and Franklin Rd on the north side of Southeastern Ave. I would find you an address but there ain’t nun!
    I patiently await an answer.
    While you decide. Check out or web page. It isn’t as classy as yours, but we are still working on it.
    Be safe.


  • Wilson46201

    “Fed Up” must be really ignorant if she doesnt know that NO church or denomination can endorse any political candidate or party. It’d violate their tax-exempt status!

  • Joseph Stockett

    This loudmouthed, uncouth, half-baked spokesman for Andre’ Carson named “Wilson”, who sounds shrill and stupid, is hurting poor Mr. Carson more than he’s helping him.

    I doubt that Carson’s seven foes in the May 6th Primary Election are supporters of Mr. Elrod, but it would harm none of them if Mr. Carson makes a poor showing against Mr. Elrod on March 11th in the Special Election.

    I predict that Mr. Carson will lose the May 6th Primary Election whether he wins or loses on March 11 to Mr. Elrod.

    Even with the Democratic Party support and funding Mr. Carson is going to have a hard time overcoming the unified opposition his seven foes are going to wage in order to replace him on next November’s General Election ballot.

    Mr. Carson is going to get crunched. He can’t shoot from outside. He can’t rebound. He can’t got to the hoop. (His freethrow record is high but this game is not a freethrow competion)

    It’s not that Mr. Carson is a racist black Moslem. His problem here is that he’s not clear on what degree of religious practice he must own up to.

    Overall, with Mr. Wilson leading Carson’s campaign on the blog circuit, and Carson’s tv ads being poor duplicates of his Grandmothers, this Moslem candidate would be advised to pray the proper five times a day instead of the “one time per day prayer” he alluded to in his recent newspaper interview. He’s going to need it .

  • Fed up

    Well, he is certainly endorsed by the Nation of Islam though.


  • Wilson46201

    Only in your partisan imagination! But truth and honesty never has been a strong point with you, has it now?

  • anonymous

    wilson, i really don’t think your omnipresent blog comments are helping your party but, by all means, keep it up. i am a life long democrat — perfect democrat in every primary i’ve been eligible to vote in — but people like you and jen wagner have made me take a hard look at indiana and indianapolis democrats. for the first time in my life, i guess i’m an independent. i don’t want to be associated with the the local dems, you included, because the mouthpieces — again, you and jen — are nasty and simply an embarrassment.

  • anonymous

    religion need not be an issue. lack of experience and suspect credentials are the issues. it will get him in the primary.

  • Think Again

    Please don’t put Jen and Wilson in the same category.

    Not even freaking close.

  • Vic

    Islam, according to the Qur’an and Muhammid, is more than just a religion. It is a complete system of religion and law that dictates every aspect of life. From what it sounds your are not a practicing Muslim just like someone who went to a baseball game or to isn’t necessarily a baseball fan. The more Muslims in places of power, the more Islamic influence is exerted on the American public. They have constituencies and Muslims are voting for Muslims because they share the same beliefs and have the same agenda.

    Keith Ellison has refused to condemn anti-American and anti-Israeli groups that sponsored him and he mets and advises with, and then there are the 10,000 Islamic terrorist attacks around the world that have people a bit uneasy.

    Every other religion came to the US, assimilated, and prospered. Now, Muslims are here to make the US more Islamic and Americans should be very concerned.

    If all Muslims in the US were bacon eating, Scotch drinkers like you we wouldn’t need groups like CAIR filing lawsuits against anyone who looks at a Muslim funny.

  • Taxpayer 834512

    Jehovah’s Witnesses can annoy with their door-to-door solicitations. It can be argued Southern Baptists haven’t served America well supporting Bush’s Christian conservatism. But, toppling skyscrapers of screaming innocent people to serve Allah and avenge geopolitical affronts brought modern religion way past just irritating – or irritated. If it’s supposed to be right to be understanding, forgiving, and compassionate about Islam as a whole – where’s the two-way street? If Islam, or any religion, can’t tolerate the mere co-existence of other beliefs, where is the compassion and understanding? Why does respect for the law and sound economics in immigration policy have to be labeled predjudice? Redd Foxx, once said, “If a white guy gets drunk on tv, it’s just a guy getting drunk. If a black guy gets drunk on tv, it’s the whole damn race.” Despite the fringe excesses of any group, that’s true for all of us.

  • Tim Dugan

    Islam, according to the Qur’an and Muhammid, is more than just a religion. It is a complete system of religion and law that dictates every aspect of life.

    You forget one thing. This is America. The land of the free. We choose our religion and what we want to follow.
    Get a life!

  • Shorebreak

    I wrote a long response regarding the use of religion and it’s association with terrorism in todays politics. I decided that it would probably get no traction here, so I’ll leave my remarks at this:

    Islam is not responsible for terrorism. Just as Catholicism wasn’t responsible for the IRA, the Red Brigade, or the hundreds of other murderous groups comprised of Catholics. The difference between terrorism by individuals within the two religions is how they’re handled by popular media in a manner that coincides with geostrategic objectives.

    One of the results of anti-muslim media indoctrination is that local and national politics are at risk of Constitutional violations. When the population responds locally with religious fears that were instilled to generate support for geostrategic activity, our entire political system is at risk. When I start seeing posts about Andre Carson that include references to 9/11 terror attacks, it’s clear to me that the indoctrination has been highly successful.

    It’s a blight to our Constitution and our institution of separating religion from politics.

    That being said, I believe that Carson is nothing more than a lackey who’s been chosen for his willingness to adhere to the wills of select private entities – who wish to control national policy. Carson would be a disastrous representative in Congress, but it has nothing to do with his religion.

  • jladd

    Enough of the religious, Nation of Islam rheortic already. Last I checked, we called the USA our home; and, we worship as we please. Religion will not be the basis of Andre Carson’s electability. His credentials and a lack of the basic understanding of the complex 7th District issues will lead to his defeat in May. That is my political autopsy. Maybe we need a doctor in the House.

  • Jon G

    On an intellectual level I would agree with you that religion should not play a part in Carsons’ politics. But, basically, everything we come in contact with effects us somehow and religion is a pretty big thing in most peoples lives. Most religious people will tell you that their religion (or God) comes first over family and everything. Carson professes to be a religious man so you can’t help but think that it effects his thinking. I think the fact that Farrakhan was allowed to speak at Julie’s funeral speaks volumes and can’t be ignored, (right along with the fact that he broke the law with having uniformed LEO’s in his political ads and should be investigated). It’s not only about the issues but character and integrity also.

  • http://www.HoosiersForFairTaxation.com Melyssa

    Shorebreak….how true your words are.
    You did see the news regarding how much out-of-state union PAC money Andre’s campaign accepted, didn’t you?
    Andre is for sale! Get out your checkbooks.
    Someone made a comment that no candidate for change can keep that promise when they are bought and paid for by Washington lobbyist money.

  • Big Bertha and Little Ben

    Now that Obama has denounced (and rejected!!) the Nation of Islam I will vote for him. I MIGHT consider that for Andre Carson if he does the same. I never thought such a nice appearing guy like Andre could get caught up with a group like that.