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As many of you know I got to play Master of Ceremonies for Tuesday’s Inauguration of Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard and the new City-County Council.   

The one thing I noticed from my vantage point at the podium, was I got to see a lot of things that the audience didn’t and that gave me different perspective on the event.  Here they are…

Most “Touching” Moment – Seeing the new Mayor get a little teared up as his mother, Mary Ballard, introduced him.

Most “Bi-Partisan” Moment – Watching Democratic City-County Councilors Andre Carson and William Oliver give Ballard strong applause when he talked about ex-offender re-entry programs and eliminating abandoned housing in Indianapolis.

Most “Inspiring” Moment– The peaceful transition of government from one party to another as juxatoposed to what happens in some other parts of the world.

Most “Not Really Surprising” Moment– Several City-County Councilors were absent from the inauguration, including Monroe Gray, who I argue had it not been for him, none of this would have happened.

“Best Line that Never Got Used” Moment – Someone told me back in May that it would be a cold day before Greg Ballard would ever become Mayor.  Anyone know what yesterday’s temperature was?

“Finest” Moment – Finishing an hour-long ceremony in 40 minutes.  Now that’s government efficiency.

  • http://ElectConner.com Gary Conner


    It was great to be there to see Greg Ballard become the Mayor of Indianapolis! Yeah, you did a good job as MC (Your Mom told you it would happen).

    You may remember my comments to you in March, 2007 at the Downtown GOP Club meeting when I told you that Greg was (and is) the best person for the job.

    It is my hope that a large group of Indianapolis citizens will work together with Greg to make our city the best that it can become.


    Gary Conner

  • Sir Hailstone

    The ones I noticed missing were Jose Evans, Cherrish Pryor, Monwoe Gway, Vernon Brown (Monroe’s best friend he said so himself), and who knows where Mike Speedy was, did he recuse himself?

  • Greg Wright

    Mike Speedy was on vacation in Florida that had been planned for some time. I have known Mike for several years and project with confidence that his absence was not intended as a snub.


  • g. moore

    wasn’t it refreshing for our new mayor to take time out and go to each officer who was standing outside in the cold directing traffic, and personally thank them for their help……all ready the moral of this department is improving…i see great things ahead. thanks

  • arnie

    Hope Speedy knows where to be Monday (hint CCC meeting). “Plan ahead” would be in order.

  • Weigh-In

    In defense of Mike, councillors were initially told they would take the ceremonial oath of office at the first Council meeting of the year, Jan.7th. It was only days before the Mayor’s Inaugural invites went out, that councillors were informed of plans to include them in that ceremony. At that point, it may have been extremely difficult for Mike to extricate himself from his plans without absorbing financial loss(deposits) and the disappointment of accompanying family members. Consider that a well rested, re-energized councillor may serve the public better.

  • Shorebreak

    I look forward to the renewed effort at fighting crime.

    Why not start reducing crime by going after a few soft targets? Everyone knows where the peashakes are. How about targeting ALL of them, and not allowing them to re-open?

    When certain state senators, former council presidents, and radio personalities pull the race card and accuse Mayor Ballard of targeting blacks, the mayor can turn it around on them and explain that he’s committed to positive change – which includes stopping crime in poor neighborhoods, rather than enabling it.

    Can the mayor give us an update on when to expect these known criminal blights to be removed from Indianapolis? I believe that most of his city would look forward to it.

  • Snark

    Yeah, Abdul! Right on!

    Transitions here are easier than in Kenya!

  • Wilson46201

    …or Anderson.

  • arnie

    ..or Muncie

  • anonymous

    I am with Shorebreak. Shut down and keep the pea shakes closed. It will send a very clear signal that there is a new mayor in town.

  • StatlernWaldorf

    Don’t ya think that the Police need to be under the Mayor BEFORE he starts issuing mandates to them? I think that would be a good idea.

  • Jerry

    They just interviewed Mayor Ballard during the Pacers game. Good to see SOMEONE showing support for the team.

  • Taxpayer

    One more thought for your ruminations…. How delicious was it that the very same citizens who were locked out of the City County Council meeting by Bart Peterson on the hottest night of the year were welcomed IN on the coldest day to the inauguration of his successor? The media speaks of power brokers in attendance — of course there were some, but they were NOT given priority over the citizens.

  • Shorebreak


    I agree. I’m just getting the ball rolling around here. Let’s get the blights closed down for good.

    I hear that Cleveland’s got some vacant property. Someone go to Mapquest and print out directions – stick ’em on the Peashake doors. Maybe it’ll save IMPD some trouble.