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The talk is ramping up about whether outgoing City-County Council Democrats will try to tinker with the 65-percent increase in the County Option Income Tax.  In some recent  media interviews, Council Vice-President Joanne Sanders has said Republicans oppose the tax so the Council should look at either ending it or including a sunset provision.

Some of my Democratic friends must still be upset about their Election loss because they are forgetting that the law only allows for the tax to be voted on once per calender year, so they could not repeal it this year.    Also, after speaking to officials in the Statehouse, they could not vote to sunset the provision this year either.   The new Council could vote on the measure but they would have to do between March 31 and August 2.

How complicated is this to figure out?

  • Friend

    Interesting. In today’s Indystar, GOP Lincoln Plowman wants to get rid of the 65% increase that was recently passed when the GOP takes over in January. Funny thing about it is if they (GOP or Dems) eliminate the tax, the pension fund for public safety will be broke. Not to mention that the recent contracts (salary/benefit increases) by fire and police will not be fulfilled after the mayor and council agreed to it.

  • Concerned Citizen

    Abdul, this is kind of off this topic, but there was a story on IBJ Daily on Thursday (I think) about the city giving United Water a contract extension for seven years. This is the sort of thing we also should be watching for as Peterson, et. al. prepare to leave office. Was this legit or was this an attempt to stick Ballard with a foolish contract that he can’t do anything about?

    I’m really shocked that you or anyone else in the local blogosphere haven’t picked up on this. Can you look into it?

  • melyssa

    Please get on the water contract deal. I smell something and it stinks. Peterson “owes” a lot of people and I, for one, don’t want him paying them with my money.