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Continuing the Culture War

Bil Browning, the managing editor of Bilerico.com was on our show today talking about his campaign to dig up dirt and “moral lapses” regarding Indiana lawmakers who support SJR-7, a proposed amendment to the Indiana Constitution that would ban gay marriage and conferring rights to unmarried couples or same-sex couples.

Browning said he is launching the campaign because it is an attack on his family. He said he would only print what he can confirm and will not simply write about “youthful indiscretions.” But what I call as “skeletons in the closet that still have flesh on them.”

This has the potential to get real ugly and retaliatory and devolve into something I’m not quite sure Hoosiers are ready for. But like I said in a previous post, it will still be interesting to watch.

  • Anonymous

    I heard the interview.

    I also responded to Bil’s post yesterday on the matter. I personally don’t support his cause, but I do support his right to pursue it. My recommendation remains the same. Don’t attack anyone for past errors. Expose them for not having the integrity to be up front over past discretions when they pursue an agenda that can be attacked as hypocritical.

    Also, integrity is a two way street. Stick to the high road and not post anything that can’t or won’t (think about that one!) be backed up in court.

  • Anonymous

    digging up dirt is a double edged sword…just because bil is only going after republicans doesn’t mean someone won’t start digging up dirt on the democrats. or it doens’t mean they don’t already have it and are just waiting to expose it…

  • Anonymous

    who says he is only digging dirt on republicans? There are democrats who support SJR7 too.

  • Anonymous

    It is my understanding that both democrats and republicans that support the marriage amendment will be scrutinized for hypocrisy. I listened to the interview this morning and though I don’t generally approve of such tactics, if my family was under attack, I would more than likely be willing to do whatever it took to protect them. It is unfortunate that things have come to this but it appears that it has. Are the legislators not willing to allow any type of protective rights for unmarried couples? Is there no compromise that could be reached between the two groups?